Variants of Cyrillic are used by the writing systems of many languages, especially languages used in the former Soviet Union. The tables below list the Cyrillic letters in use in various modern languages and show the primary sounds they represent in them (see the articles on the specific languages for more detail). Letter forms with a combined diacritic which are not considered separate letters in any language (notably vowels with accent marks which are sometimes used in some languages to indicate stress and/or tone) are excluded from the tables, with the exception of ѐ and ѝ[a]. The highlighted letters are those of the basic (original) Cyrillic alphabet; archaic letters no longer in use in any language today are not listed.

For letters not on this list, see Template:Infobox Cyrillic letter.

Usage of letters in various languages
Language families Slavic languages Other Indo-European Uralic Caucasian
Alphabet ru be uk rue sr[b] bg mk mo os tg sjd mhr mrj udm kca yrk ab kbd ce
А а /a/ /ɑ/ /a/ /ɑ/ /a/ /ɑ/ //
Ӑ ӑ  
Ӓ ӓ   /ʲa/ /æ/ /ɐ/  
Ә ә   /ɤ~ʌ/  
Ӛ ӛ   /ɘ/  
Ӕ ӕ   /ɐ/  
Б б /b/ /β, b/ /b/
В в /Template:Infobox Cyrillic letter.