This is a list of American Samoa territorial symbols[1]:

Type Symbol Year Image
Flag The Flag of American Samoa April 27, 1960 Flag of American Samoa.svg
Seal The Seal of American Samoa Seal of American Samoa.svg
Motto Samoan: "Samoa — Muamua Le Atua";
English: "Samoa — let God be first" [1][2]
Nickname No official nickname (unofficial: Football Islands[3])
Song Amerika Samoa[2] 1950
Bird No official bird; see List of birds of American Samoa[2]
Flower / Tree Paogo (Ulafala)[4]
Pandanus tectorius
(officially designated as flower)[2]
1973 Pandanus tectorius.jpg
Plant ʻAva (Kava)[2][4] 1973 Starr 070515-7054 Piper methysticum.jpg
Quarter Quarter of American Samoa 2009 2009 AS Proof.png
License Plate License Plate of American Samoa
(current 2011 version features Fatu Rock)
2011 AS 2006.jpg
American Samoa main highway sign

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