This article includes a list of Albanian monarchs. Albania was first established by the Progon family in 1190, with Progon, Lord of Kruja as the nation's first monarch.

Princes of Arbanon (1190

Gropa family

Captainate of Durazzo (1261-1272)

Kings of Albania (1272–1294)

Angevin Dynasty

Charles II surrendered his rights to Albania to his son Philip II in 1294. Philip II reigned as "Lord of the Kingdom of Albania" after 1304.

Princes of Berat (1280–1444)

Muzaka family

Princes of Matranga (1294-1367)

Mataranga family

Lords of the Kingdom of Albania (1304–1332)

Angevin Dynasty

Dukes of Durazzo (1332–1368)

Angevin Dynasty

Princes of Albania (1328–1444)

Thopia family

Dukes of Valona (1332–1417)

Shishman Dynasty