The Info List - List Of 18th-century British Periodicals

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This list of 18th-century British periodicals excludes daily newspapers.

The Spectator (1711), (1711–1714) daily 1711–1712, founded by Joseph Addison and Richard Steele, in 1714 three times a week for six months, but collected in book form it remained hugely popular for the rest of the century. Vetusta Monumenta (1718–1906) Illustrated antiquarian papers at intermittent intervals, published by the Society of Antiquaries of London. The Gentleman's Magazine (1731–1907). Monthly. The London Magazine (1732–1785) The Bee (1733–1735). Founded by Eustace Budgell.[1] Lloyd's List (1734–). Weekly, then semi-weekly. The Scots Magazine (1739–1826). The Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure (1747–1814). Monthly. Editors included James Hinton, W. Bent, and Percival Stockdale. The Monthly Review (1749–1845). Monthly. Founded by Ralph Griffiths and Robert Dodsley. Oliver Goldsmith was a contributor. The Rambler (1750–1752). Twice weekly. The World (1753–1756). Every Thursday. Founded by "Adam Fitz-Adam" (i.e. Edwin Moore) and published by the Dodsleys. The Connoisseur (1754–1756). Weekly. The Critical Review (1756–1817) The Annual Register (1758–). Annually. The Bee (1759–1759) Exeter Mercury or West Country Advertiser, later Trewman's Exeter Flying Post (1763–1917) The Gospel Magazine (1766–) Theological Repository (1769–1771, 1784, 1786, 1788) Town and Country Magazine (1769–) Lady's Magazine (1770–1837). Monthly. The Building Magazine (1774–1778) Wesleyan Methodist Magazine (1778–1969). Monthly The Arminian Magazine (1778–1913) The European Magazine, and London Review (1782–1826). Founded by James Perry; later edited by Isaac Reed. A New Review (1782–1786). Edited by Paul Henry Maty. Annals of Agriculture (1784–1815). Started by Arthur Young. The New Town & Country Magazine (1787–1789) The Analytical Review (1788–1799) The Botanical Magazine, subsequently Curtis's Botanical Magazine (1787–) The Observer (1791–). Weekly. The Sporting Magazine. (1792–). Monthly. British Critic. Quarterly (1793–1826) Anthologia hibernica (1793–1794). Published in Dublin. The Monthly Mirror (1795–1811). Founded by Thomas Bellamy.[2] The Tribune (1795–1796). Edited by John Thelwall The Aberdeen Magazine, Or, Universal Repository. (1796–1798) The Monthly Magazine (1796–1825). Founded by Sir Richard Phillips, edited by John Aikin The Watchman (1796). Founded and edited by Samuel Taylor Coleridge The Anti-Jacobin, or, Weekly Examiner (1797–1798) The Anti-Jacobin Review (1798–1821) The Philosophical Magazine (1798–) The Asiatic annual register (1799–1811) Conjuror's Magazine (1791–1794?)

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