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Lippo Cikarang
is an independent township built by P.T. Lippo Cikarang Tbk, which is located at the eastern corridor of Jakarta
at Cikarang, West Java, Indonesia. The township has land area of about 3000 hectares.The township has more than 14,000 houses and 993 manufacturing companies in its industrial areas.[1] By relying on seven industrial regions nearby and various metropolitan-like city facilities such as offices, hotels, entertainment, shopping malls, and sports, the site is worthy to be called a self-reliant city.


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Economy[edit] Lippo Cikarang's economy is driven by a mix of industrial companies, and "new economy" Internet and technology companies, service, design and others.Today, Lippo Cikarang
is among a few particular cities included in the International Economy Zone. Lippo Cikarang
and the nearby industrial parks are home to thousands of Japanese company offices and factories.There are about 17,000 expatriates now reside in the township. About 60 percent of those expatriates are Japanese.[2] A five-star hotel named Sahid Jaya International Hotel, Siloam Gleneagles Hospital, Lippo Mall and Pacific Tower office building are the main sites in the city. Infrastructure[edit] Orange County[edit] Orange County, a large-scale township development project on 322 hectares is currently under development.[3][4] PT Lippo Cikarang
Tbk with Chinese Shenzhen Yantian Port Group Co Ltd and Country Garden Holdings Co Ltd will develop the Indonesia-Shenzhen Industrial Estate at the township at a cost of $14 billion.[5] The industrial park is expected to draw tenants from Chinese companies, ranging from high tech manufacturers of mobile phone batteries and solar panels, to app developers. [6] Meikarta[edit] Meikarta is a residential development within Lippo Cikarang
industrial township. Built on 500 hectares land area, the first phase of the development will build 250,000 apartment units which can accommodate up to 1 million people. Construction works started in January 2016. Meikarta expects to serve other industrial estates in Cikarang
region such as Kota Jababeka and MM2100.[7] Education[edit] Some schools in the city are private. Examples include SPH Lippo Cikarang
(SPHLC), Charis Global School
Charis Global School
(CGS) , Sekolah Dian Harapan, Sekolah Karya Iman, Sekolah National Anglo, Sekolah Tunas Bangsa, International Islamic Boarding School and Al-Hidayah Islamic School. Health service[edit] One of Indonesia's largest medical centers is located in Lippo Cikarang. Siloam Hospital, a private hospital, is one among several hospitals serving Jakarta
and surroundings. Media[edit] National and local media are present in Lippo Cikarang. Informasi Komunitas Cikarang
or IKC is a high quality local print promotional magazine and website that connects to many affluent target audiences such as factory owners, general managers, factory head unit, business executives mostly in the Cikarang, Cibitung, Bekasi, Karawang, and selected target readers. IKC distributes and circulates a total of 6,000 copies every month with its door-to-door factories and middle-up homes distributions. The website www.komunitascikarang.info has wider audiences. Transportation[edit] Cikarang
is connected by Greater Jakarta
Commuter line.[8][9] Jakarta LRT service from Cawang to East Bekasi
and Automated People Mover monorail that will connect seven industrial parks in Cikarang.[10]The township will be connected with Jakarta- Bandung
Bullet Train, Bus services from different bus terminals of Jakarta
are available to reach the township. Taxi cabs are also available. Shuttle bus and mini buses are the main mode of public transport within the township. See also[edit]


Cikarang Jabodetabek Lippo Group


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