is a 1950s Japanese manga series by Osamu Tezuka. It was published by Shueisha in the ''Omoshiro Book'' as a supplement. The same company published ''Lion Books II'' in ''Weekly Shōnen Jump'' in the 1970s, which would commonly be referred to as ''The New Lion Books''. The series was partially adapted into an experimental anime series in the 1980s and 1990s.

1950s manga series

There are no continuations or relations between any of the stories.

1970s manga series

There are no continuations or relations between any of the stories.

Anime adaptations

Two of the stories in the manga were adapted into an experimental anime series titled the ''Lion Books collection''. The original concept was to make 26 new anime episodes and canvass them for sale without any broadcast contract with TV stations. The first adaptation came in 1983 using the story "The Green Cat". It is regarded as the first attempt to produce an original video animation release on October 10, 1983. If the episode was finished independently on October 10, 1983 with no other episodes to follow in production, it very well could have been qualified as the first anime OVA. Because there is uncertainty as to whether the VHS was actually available for sale at the production end date, ''Dallos'' is credited to be the first official OVA released by the industry. ''The Green Cat'' is known to be screened in the "4th Tezuka Osamu Fan Club Meeting" on October 10, 1983. The second story "Adachi-ga Hara" was adapted in 1991, and became the only movie in the series to be released to theaters.Clements, Jonathan. McCarthy Helen. 006(2006). The Anime Encyclopedia: Revised & Expanded Edition. Berkeley, CA: Stone Bridge Press. Four other stories were filled in from non-manga sources. The series was re-released as a DVD on March 21, 2003. It is also available on the streaming service Viki.Japan - TV - Tezuka Lion Book Series
Tekuka Lion Book Series
" Retrieved on 2012-09-13.
The five first episodes were directed by Osamu Tezuka himself, while the last, shown at a Hong Kong Film Festival, was the first anime directed by his son Makoto Tezuka.

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