Liang (Malay: Mukim Liang) is a mukim or subdistrict of Belait, a district of Brunei. Liang is headed by a penghulu and the incumbent is Abdul Hamid bin Mumin.[1]


Liang is located in the north of the Belait District, bordering the South China Sea as well as the subdistricts of Telisai in Tutong District to the north-east, Bukit Sawat to the south-east, Labi to the south and Seria to the west.[2]


Liang is a mukim subdivision, the second-level administrative division of Brunei. It is one of the eight mukim or subdistricts of Belait District. As a mukim, Telisai is headed by a penghulu, and is currently held by Abdul Hamid bin Mumin.[1]

Areas and divisions

The Survey Department further divides the Liang area into twenty village subdivisions, namely:[2][3]

  • Andulau Forest Reserve
  • Agis-Agis
  • Keluyoh
  • Lilas
  • Lumut
  • Lumut Camp
  • Lumut National Housing Area 1
  • Lumut National Housing Area 2
  • Lumut Tersusun
  • Perumpong
  • Sungai Bakong
  • Sungai Gana
  • Sungai Kang
  • Sungai Kuru
  • Sungai Lalit
  • Sungai Liang
  • Sungai Tali
  • Sungai Taring
  • Skim Tanah Kurnia Rakyat Jati Lumut
  • Tunggulian

However, the Belait District Office, which administers the residential communities in the district, organises Liang into only three villages, namely Kampong Lumut I, Kampong Lumut II and Kampong Sungai Liang, where each village has its own village head (Malay: ketua kampung).[1] Kampong Lumut I and II are considered collectively as the settlement of Lumut, which comprises the subdivisions of Lumut, Lumut Tersusun, Sungai Bakong, Sungai Kuru, Sungai Tali and Sungai Taring, as well as the public housing area of Rancangan Perumahan Negara and the military area Lumut Camp. Meanwhile, the village head of Sungai Liang also oversees the areas of Agis-Agis, Keluyoh, Lilas, Perumpong, Sungai Gana, Sungai Kang, Sungai Lalit and Tunggulian. Andulau Forest Reserve is an unpopulated designated area; it is a forest reserve of Brunei.


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Coordinates: 4°39′36″N 114°27′32″E / 4.66000°N 114.45889°E / 4.66000; 114.45889