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Li Jiqian (Chinese: 李繼遷) (963–1004), occasionally also known by his Song-bestowed name of Zhao Baoji (趙保吉), resisted the Song dynasty and organized a rebellion in 984. He created a successful alliance with the Liao dynasty
Liao dynasty
for military support. Li Jiqian arranged a peace agreement with the Song emperor, but violated the treaty himself. To avoid costly military campaigns, Emperor Zhenzong of Song made Li Jiqian the jiedushi of Dingnan, and recognized Li Jiqian's new empire of Xia. He supported the construction of irrigation canals that were crucial for the development of agriculture in the arid areas of Xia, especially around the capital Xingqing 興慶 (modern Yinchuan
銀川). Li Jiqian was father of Li Deming (Chinese: 李德明), and grandfather of Li Yuanhao (Chinese: 李元昊), the first emperor of the Western Xia
Western Xia
Empire, and so was posthumously recognized as 'grand ancestor' (Taizu 太祖) of the Western Xia
Western Xia
royal family. External links[edit]


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