The Lexikon des Mittelalters ("Lexicon of the Middle Ages", LMA, LexMA) is a German encyclopedia on the history and culture of the Middle Ages. Written by authors from all over the world, it comprises more than 36,000 articles in 9 volumes. Historically the works range from the Late Antiquity to about 1500, covering the Byzantine Empire and the Arab world .

The first six volumes were published by Artemis (later Artemis & Winkler), Munich and Zürich; volumes seven through nine by LexMA, Munich. In 2000, an electronic (standalone) edition of the Lexikon was published on CD-ROM by Brepols.

Praise and criticism

The first volume was widely praised upon publication; G.A. Holmes, in The English Historical Review, foresaw that the entire encyclopedia would be "a valuable reference work of a kind which medievalists hitherto lacked."[1] H. Chadwick, in The Journal of Theological Studies, called the lexicon "a necessary and valuable work of reference." [2] Its coverage of subjects related to Islam was praised,[3] though the same reviewer called the coverage of topics related to Judaism "comparatively modest."[4]

The CD-ROM edition was chosen as one of the "Selected Reference Books of 2001-2002" by College & Research Libraries.[5]


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