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1.1 Antarctica 1.2 England 1.3 New Zealand 1.4 United States of America 1.5 Fictional

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2.1 People with the given name Woodbury 2.2 People with the surname Woodbury

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Geography[edit] Antarctica[edit]

Woodbury Glacier, a glacier on Graham Land, British Antarctic Territory


Woodbury, Devon, a village and civil parish in East Devon

Woodbury Castle, a hill fort near the village of Woodbury in Devon

Woodbury, Dartmouth, a hill fort near Dartmouth in Devon Little Woodbury, an archaeological site near Salisbur in Wiltshire

New Zealand[edit]

Woodbury, New Zealand, a village near Geraldine in Canterbury

United States of America[edit]

Woodbury, Davy Woodbury, Connecticut Woodbury, Georgia Woodbury, Indiana Woodbury, Irvine, California Woodbury, Kentucky Woodbury, Illinois Woodbury, Michigan Woodbury, Minnesota Woodbury, New Jersey Woodbury, New York (other)

Woodbury, Nassau County, New York, on Long Island Woodbury, Orange County, New York, in the Hudson Valley

Woodbury, Pennsylvania Woodbury, Tennessee Woodbury, Vermont Woodbury County, Iowa Woodbury (Leetown, West Virginia), historic house listed on the National Register of Historic Places Woodbury Creek, a stream in Minnesota Fort Woodbury, a fortification on the Arlington Line during the American Civil War


Woodbury, Georgia
Woodbury, Georgia
- the settlement presided over by The Governor in The Walking Dead franchise

People[edit] People with the given name Woodbury[edit]

Woodbury Kane
Woodbury Kane
(1859–1905), American yachtsman, bon vivant and soldier Woodbury Langdon
Woodbury Langdon
(1739–1805), American merchant, statesman and justice

People with the surname Woodbury[edit]

Angus M. Woodbury
Angus M. Woodbury
(1886–1964), American biologist Austin Woodbury (1899–1979), Australian Catholic philosopher B.J. Woodbury (born 1959), Canadian actor and comedian Bruce L. Woodbury (born 1944), American politician and lawyer Charles Herbert Woodbury
Charles Herbert Woodbury
(1864–1942), American painter Charles Johnson Woodbury (1844–1927), American lecturer on poetry and literature Cliff Woodbury (1894–1984), American racecar driver Daniel Phineas Woodbury
Daniel Phineas Woodbury
(1812–1864), American soldier and engineer Egburt E. Woodbury (c. 1860–1920), New York State Attorney General 1915–1917 Ellen Woodbury, animator and sculptor Eri D. Woodbury (1837–1928), Union Army officer during the American Civil War Frank B. Woodbury
Frank B. Woodbury
(1867–1962), American leader The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Gordon Woodbury
Gordon Woodbury
(1863–1924), United States Assistant Secretary of the Navy from 1920 to 1921 Helen Laura Sumner Woodbury (1876-1933), American historian, studied children and women in industry Isaac B. Woodbury (1819–1858), American composer and publisher of church music Joan Woodbury
Joan Woodbury
(1915–1989), American actress Levi Woodbury (1789–1851), American justice on the United States Supreme Court Max A. Woodbury, American mathematician Peter Woodbury (1899–1970), American judge Richard Woodbury (born 1961), American politician and economist Tory Woodbury (born 1978), American football player Urban A. Woodbury
Urban A. Woodbury
(1838–1915), American politician Walter B. Woodbury
Walter B. Woodbury
(1834–1885), British inventor and pioneering photographer Wendall Woodbury (1942–2010), American television journalist and news anchor Woody Woodbury (born 1924), American comedian, actor and television personality

Other uses[edit]

USS Woodbury, one of several ships of the United States Navy

See also[edit]

Woodbury Common (other) Woodbury High School (other) Woodbury House (other) Woodbury Township (other) Woodbury College, Montpelier, Vermont, United States Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
in Central Valley, New York, United States (part of the town of Woodbury, Orange County) Woodbury matrix identity, a mathematical formula Woodbury Soap Company Woodbury University, Burbank, California, United States

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