The Info List - Leucadia National Corporation

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LEUCADIA NATIONAL CORPORATION is an American holding company that, through its subsidiaries, engages in mining "> was a bid in 2004 to acquire 50 percent of telecommunications company MCI 's common stock. However, after MCI received higher bids from other companies, Leucadia withdrew from the bidding process.


* Financial Services

* Jefferies Group * Berkadia Commercial Mortgage (50/50 joint venture with Berkshire Hathaway ) * HomeFed (65% ownership) * FXCM
(January 2015 loan, 49.9%)

* Merchant Banking

* National Beef Packing (78.9% ownership) * HRG Group (23%) * Vitesse Energy (96%) * Juneau Energy (98%) * Garcadia Holdings (Joint venture with Ken Garff Automotive Group) * Linkem (55%) * Conwed Plastics (100%) * Idaho Timber (100%)


On November 12, 2012, Jefferies Group announced its merger with Leucadia, its largest shareholder. Jefferies was valued at $3.8 billion at the time of the acquisition. Jefferies remains independent and is the largest operating company within Leucadia. On March 1, 2013, Leucadia bought the Jefferies Group for $3.6 billion. The company’s founders, Ian M. Cumming and Joseph S. Steinberg, stepped down from their management roles after the merger, with Mr. Steinberg staying on as chairman. The number of directors also increased to 11 from eight, including the addition of nine new directors. Richard B. Handler became chief executive of Leucadia, while remaining chief executive of Jefferies.


* WMAC Investment Corp., a subsidiary of Leucadia, is the largest backer of Pershing Square Capital Management L.P. , a Delaware-incorporated investment partnership. William Ackman is the founder of the $10 billion+ activist hedge fund Pershing Square. The Fund had 20%+ returns over the past 9 years. * In June 2007, Leucadia (through a subsidiary) purchased most of the assets of ResortQuest International, Inc., a vacation rental property management company headquartered in Fort Walton Beach, Florida , from Gaylord Entertainment Company . * In December 2011, National Beef Packing Company, LLC and its major owner U.S. Premium Beef, LLC (USPB) announced the company’s majority owners have entered into a Membership Interest Purchase Agreement with Leucadia National Corporation under which Leucadia will acquire approximately 79 percent of the outstanding ownership interests in National Beef. * Leucadia (through a subsidiary) was an investor in controversial syngas plants which utilize coal gasification technology through a Department of Energy loan guarantee. A $2.6 billion plant was planned in Indiana, while similar proposals in Illinois have met resistance from state regulators. The project in Indiana was ultimately panned by the state legislature in 2013. * In January 2015, Leucadia granted a loan to FXCM
after it became insolvent due to a sharp rise in the CHF currency after the Swiss Bank stopped pegging its currency to the Euro. The loan value is estimated to be at $300 million.

A $12 million dollar investment into FRGI was made after FRGI released Q1 earnings in 2017.


* Leucadia National Corporation Annual Report 2007

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