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Let 'Em Have It
Let 'Em Have It
is a 1935 American gangster film directed by Sam Wood. The film was also known under the title False Faces in the United Kingdom and The Legion of Valour in Australia.[1][2]


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Plot[edit] An FBI agent tracks down a gang leader. Cast[edit]

Richard Arlen
Richard Arlen
as Mal Stevens Virginia Bruce
Virginia Bruce
as Eleanor Spencer Alice Brady
Alice Brady
as Aunt Ethel Bruce Cabot
Bruce Cabot
as Joe Keefer Harvey Stephens
Harvey Stephens
as Van Rensseler Eric Linden
Eric Linden
as Buddy Spencer Joyce Compton
Joyce Compton
as Barbara Gordon Jones as Tex J. Farrell MacDonald
J. Farrell MacDonald
as Mr. Keefer Bodil Rosing
Bodil Rosing
as Mrs. Keefer Paul Stanton as Department Chief Hale Hamilton
Hale Hamilton
as Ex-Senator Reilly Robert Emmett O'Connor
Robert Emmett O'Connor
as Police Captain Dorothy Appleby
Dorothy Appleby
as Lola Barbara Pepper
Barbara Pepper
as Milly Paul Fix
Paul Fix
as Sam

Production[edit] The film was shot at Pathe Studios.[3] It was one of a series of movies that came out around this time about "G-Men".[4] with the film giving the audience a look a FBI Headquarters and the training of a Special
Agent[5] References[edit]

^ Film information at TCMDB ^ Newspaper Article at Trove ^ "Mystery to Be Screened: While Patient Slept to Open Thursday." Los Angeles Times (1923-Current File) [Los Angeles, Calif] 04 Mar. 1935: 19. ^ "Close Finish Looms in Race Between Studios' "G-Men": Five Pictures, All Dealing With Exploits of Federal Agents, About to Hit Screen Together, Start New Cycle Close Finish Seen in Race." Woolfenden, John R., Los Angeles Times (1923-Current File) [Los Angeles, Calif] 14 Apr. 1935: A1 ^ p. 86 Powers, Richard Gid G-men, Hoover's FBI in American Popular Culture Southern Illinois University Press, 1 Nov. 1983

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