Leshan, formerly known as Jiading or Jiazhou, is a
prefecture-level city Image:Yangxin-renmin-huanyin-ni-0022.jpg, A road sign shows distance to the "Huangshi urban area" () rather than simply "Huangshi" (). This is a useful distinction, because the sign is located ''already'' within Huangshi prefectural level city (imm ...
located at the confluence of the Dadu and Min rivers in
Sichuan Sichuan (, Standard Chinese, Standard Mandarin pronunciation: ; Postal romanization, alternatively romanized as Szechuan or Szechwan) is a landlocked Provinces of China, province in Southwest China occupying most of the Sichuan Basin and the ...
Province, China. Leshan is located on the southwestern fringe of the Sichuan Basin in southern Sichuan, about from
Chengdu Chengdu ( Sichuanese pronunciation: , Standard Mandarin Standard Chinese, in linguistics known as Standard Northern Mandarin, Standard Beijing Mandarin or simply Mandarin, is a Mandarin Chinese#Subgrouping, dialect of Mandarin that eme ...
. As of the 2010 census, its population was 3,235,759, of whom 662,814 lived in the built-up (''or metro'') area made of Shizhong district, as Wutongqiao and Jinkouhe districts are not conurbated yet.


The area of present day Leshan was the seat of historical Jiading city, which the historical Jiading city covered not entirely the same area with modern day Leshan city. Some of the area of Leshan county, was ceded to Emeishan city in 1958. In 1978, Leshan as a county-level city was formed. In 1985, the Leshan
prefecture-level city Image:Yangxin-renmin-huanyin-ni-0022.jpg, A road sign shows distance to the "Huangshi urban area" () rather than simply "Huangshi" (). This is a useful distinction, because the sign is located ''already'' within Huangshi prefectural level city (imm ...
was formed, which Emeishan and other county level cities were under the administration of Leshan. Before 1978, Leshan county-level city had Shizhong (means ''city centre''), Wutongqiao (literally ''5-"tong"-bridge'') and Shawan (literally ''sand bay'') three districts. The establishment of Leshan prefecture-level city, also saw the disestablishment of Leshan ''Dìqū'', an administrative area that supervisee Leshan, as well as other county-level cities and counties. Xinchang town, Jiading city, was known for late Qing uprising against the government.


Tourist attractions

Image:Leshan Sichuan China-Old bridge-02.jpg, 300px, Stone arch bridge in Leshan In 1996, the Mount Emei Scenic Area, including the Leshan Giant Buddha, the largest stone-carved buddha in the world, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Next door to the Leshan Giant Buddha is the Oriental Buddha Park, a privately run cultural theme park, featuring thousands of reproductions of Buddha statues and Buddhist themed carvings. Mount Emei is located within the county-level city of Emeishan (city), Emeishan, which is under the administrative jurisdiction of Leshan. The ancestral home of Chinese writer, academic and politician Guo Moruo is preserved in the Shawan District of Leshan.


The Leshan dialect, part of the Southern linguistic system, is very different from the dialects of other cities in the province of Sichuan, which belong to the Northern system. Some researchers say the pronunciation of Leshan dialect represents an archaic form of Chinese pronunciation.


Falling into the Sichuan cuisine family, Leshan is noted for its food culture in that it has all the street food from its surrounding areas, which has made it the one-stop street food city. Typical specialties include: *Malatang () - Hot and spicy soup *Boboji () - Bobo chicken *Shaokao () - Street barbecue *Qianwei Baobing () - Qianwei Pancakes *Doufunao () -Leshan Stlye DouFu Soup *Tianpiya () - Sweet-Skinned Duck *Qiaojiao Niurou () Leshan Style Beef Hotpot *Xiba Doufu () Xiba Tofu


There are Chengdu–Mianyang–Leshan intercity railway and Chengdu–Guiyang high-speed railway serving Leshan. The Chengdu-Leshan Freeway with a total length of 160 kilometers, was finished on January 14, 2000. This Freeway has since become very important to the city's development.


Leshan Normal University () and Leshan Vocational & Technical College () are two government-fund colleges in the city.

Administrative divisions

Geography and climate

Leshan has a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate (Köppen climate classification, Köppen ''Cwa'') and is largely mild and humid. Winter is short, mild and dry, with a January average of , and while frost may occur, snow is rare. Summers are long, hot and humid, with highs often exceeding , yet extended heat waves are rare. The daily average in July and August is around . Rainfall is light in winter and can be heavy in summer, and more than 70% of the annual total occurs from June to September.


File:JPG 3726.JPG, Night view File:烏尤寺內.jpg, Buddhist temple File:Leshan Buddha Statue View.JPG, The Leshan Giant Buddha File:Leshan China Buddhist-Monk-01.jpg, Buddhist Monk in Leshan Image:Lingbao Pagoda1.jpg, Lingbao Pagoda

Sister cities

* Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia * Gilbert, Arizona, Gilbert, Arizona, United States * Ichikawa, Chiba, Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture, Chiba, Japan, established due to Leshan native Guo Moruo residing there for 10 years with his wife, Sato Tomiko.City of Ichikawa
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* 1786 Kangding-Luding earthquake



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