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Les amants de Vérone (The Lovers Of Verona) is a 1949 French film directed by André Cayatte and loosely based on the William Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet. The film was a joint project of screenwriter Jacques Prevert and director Andre Cayatte and enjoyed great international success. it was released in Italy in 1949, then internationally in 1951.[1] This time the story is set in post war Italy and involves Angelo, a glass-blower from Murano, and Georgia Maglia, the daughter of a fascist magistrate. Angelo and Georgia are thrown together when they become stand-ins for the stars of a film version of Romeo and Juliet being shot on location in Venice. Inevitably they fall in love and their affair parallels the Shakespeare tragedy. The principal difficulty is the scheming of Rafaële, the Magia family's ruthless consigliere. In the end, Angelo is killed and Georgia dies at his side.


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Critical reception[edit] TV Guide called it "An intriguing romance",[2] but Bosley Crowther did not like the film, calling it, "a story set within a weird and grotesque frame of contemporary morbidness in Venice and gaudy film-making in Italy."[3] Pauline Kael said, "The film's sensuous poetic elegance contrasts with the seamy elements it encompasses... You may feel you've been made too aware of the film's artistic intentions, and the romanticism can drive you a little nuts."[4] Cast[edit]

Serge Reggiani: Angelo (Romeo) Anouk Aimée: Georgia (Juliet) Martine Carol: Bettina Verdi, the star of the movie Pierre Brasseur: Rafaële Marcel Dalio: Amedeo Maglia Marianne Oswald: Laetitia René Génin: The guardian of the tomb Yves Deniaud: Ricardo, an actor Charles Blavette: The head of the glassworks Marcel Pérès: Domini, a glass blower


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