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Leptophilypnion is a genus of tiny sleeper gobies endemic to the Amazon Basin in South America. At less than 1 cm (0.4 in) in standard length they are the smallest sleeper gobies and among the smallest fish.[1] The larger Microphilypnus sleeper gobies are also found in the Amazon,[2] and sometimes occur together with Leptophilypnion.[1] The bottom-dwelling Leptophilypnion are typically found in shallow, stagnant or slow-flowing water among soft debris, leaf-litter or water plants.[1] Species[edit] The recognized species in this genus are:[1]

Leptophilypnion fittkaui T. R. Roberts, 2013 Leptophilypnion pusillus T. R. Roberts, 2013


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Wd: Q16962372 EoL: 37151174 WoRMS: 826846

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