The Info List - Leotiomycetes

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Cyttariales Erysiphales Helotiales Leotiales Rhytismatales Thelebolales FAMILIES INCERTAE SEDIS Thelocarpaceae Vezdaeaceae

GENERA INCERTAE SEDIS Amylocarpus Catinella Chaetomella Cyclaneusma Discohainesia Eleutheromyces Geniculospora Hainesia Hyphozyma Leohumicola Meliniomyces Naemacyclus

The LEOTIOMYCETES are a class of ascomycete fungi . Many of them cause serious plant diseases .


The class Leotiomycetes
contains numerous species with an anamorph placed within the fungi imperfecti (deuteromycota), that have only recently found their place in the phylogenetic system. The older classifications placed Leotiomycetes
into the Discomycetes clade (inoperculate Discomycetes). Molecular studies have recently shed some new light to the still obscure systematics. Most scholars consider Leotiomycetes
a sister taxon to Sordariomycetes