Leoben (district)


Bezirk Leoben is a
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Styria Styria (german: Steiermark ; Croatian Croatian may refer to: *Croatia *Croatian cuisine *Croatian language *Croatian name *Croats, people from Croatia, or of Croatian descent *Citizens of Croatia, see demographics of Croatia See also * Croat ...
Austria Austria (, ; german: Österreich ), officially the Republic of Austria (german: Republik Österreich, links=no, ), is a landlocked Eastern Alps, East Alpine country in the southern part of Central Europe. It is composed of nine States o ...



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Eisenerz Eisenerz (; "Iron ore") is a market place and old mining town in the Austrian state of Styria, . N.W. of Graz by rail. Pop. (2001) 6,400. It is situated in the deep Erzbach (Enns), Erzbach Valley, dominated on the east by thPfaffenstein, on the ...

Hieflau Hieflau is a former municipality in the district of Leoben (district), Leoben in Styria, Austria. Since the 2015 Styria municipal structural reform, it is part of the municipality Landl, in the Liezen District. References

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** Jassingau * '' Kalwang'' ** Pisching, Schattenberg (Gaal), Schattenberg, Sonnberg * ''Kammern im Liesingtal'' ** Dirnsdorf, Glarsdorf, Leims, Liesing, Mochl, Mötschendorf, Pfaffendorf, Seiz, Sparsbach, Wolfgruben * ''Kraubath an der Mur'' ** Kraubathgraben, Leising * Leoben ** Donawitz, Göss, Austria, Göß, Hinterberg, Judendorf, Leitendorf, Seegraben * ''Mautern in Steiermark'' ** Eselberg, Liesingau, Magdwiesen, Rannach, Reitingau * ''Niklasdorf'' * Proleb ** Kletschach, Köllach, Prentgraben * Radmer ** Radmer an der Hasel, Radmer an der Stube * ''Sankt Michael in Obersteiermark'' ** Brunn (Leoben District), Brunn, Greith, Hinterlainsach, Jassing, Liesingtal, Vorderlainsach * ''Sankt Peter-Freienstein'' ** Hessenberg (Leoben District), Hessenberg, Tollinggraben, Traidersberg * Sankt Stefan ob Leoben ** Kaisersberg, Lichtensteinerberg, Lobming, Niederdorf (Leoben District), Niederdorf, Zmöllach * Traboch ** Madstein, Stadlhof, Timmersdorf * Trofaiach ** Edling, Austria, Edling, Gai, Styria, Gai, Gausendorf, Gimplach, Gößgraben, Hafning bei Trofaiach, Krumpen, Kurzheim, Laintal, Oberdorf am Hochegg, Oberdorf, Putzenberg, Rötz, Schardorf, Töllach, Treffning, Untergimplach, Unterkurzheim, Windischbühel * ''Vordernberg'' * Wald am Schoberpaß ** Liesing, Wald am Schoberpass, Melling


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