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The Lenne
is a tributary of the river Ruhr in the Sauerland
hills, western Germany. It has caused flooding in recent years.[2] Having its source on top of the Kahler Asten
Kahler Asten
near Winterberg
in an intermittent spring at an elevation of 2,687 ft (819 m), the Lenne
ends after a course of 129 km flowing into the Ruhr river near the city of Hagen. With an average discharge of 25 m³/s near its mouth, it is the main tributary of the Ruhr.[citation needed] References[edit]

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River catchment, Germany". Hydrological Sciences—Journal—des Sciences Hydrologiques. Pub. 43 (2): 215. CiteSeerX . doi:10.1080/02626669809492119. 

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