The Legal Tools are the leading online database on international criminal law. The database provides legal practitioners and researchers with open access information on the core crimes of international law (genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression). Being a tool of computer-assisted legal research, the database provides access to all relevant case law and legislation (statutes, preparatory works, key treaties) from both international and national jurisdictions as well as academic writings.[1] All resources are stored under persistent URLs.

The Legal Tools Project (LTP) is associated with the International Criminal Court. It currently has partners from fourteen countries on all continents. The content of the database is mainly provided by academic institutions and non-governmental organizations.[2]

The International Criminal Court links in its publicised decisions to the database. As an example, the judgement of the trial chamber in the case of Germain Katanga included 538 hyperlinks.[3]


As of April 2016, the database contains over 103.000 documents.[4] The content is arranged in the following collections:

  • ICC Documents
  • ICC Preparatory Works and Statute Amendments
  • International Legal Instruments
  • Other International Law Decisions and Documents
  • Human Rights Law Decisions and Documents
  • International(ised) Criminal Jurisdictions (Basic Documents)
  • International(ised) Criminal Decisions
  • National Jurisdictions
  • National Implementing Legislation
  • National Cases Involving Core International Crimes
  • Publications
  • United Nations War Crimes Commission
  • International(ised) Fact-Finding Mandates


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