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Lee Hye-sook (born September 4, 1962) is a South Korean actress. She began acting in 1979, and has remained active in Korean cinema and television since. Lee is best known for the 1991 film Silver Stallion, in which she portrayed a young widow who was raped by an American soldier from a nearby base, then afterwards shunned by her village and driven to poverty and prostitution.[1][2]


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Filmography[edit] Film[edit]

Year Title Role

1980 White Smile

Winter Love

1981 Subzero Point '81 Young-ok

Youth Is Passion

1984 The Forgotten Season

Holy Mission Lady Jung

Close Call with Death Julie

1985 The Stranger

1986 Mulberry

Tae (The Placenta) Gwi-deok

Jung-gwang's Nonsense

Days of Seduction

1987 Sorrow Lee Mi-sook

1991 Portrait of the Days of Youth Lee Jeong-nim

Camels Don't Cry Alone

Silver Stallion Eon-rae

1992 Kim's War 후사꼬

1998 Bye June Nurse 1

2001 Wanee & Junah Wa-ni's mother

2008 Open City Song Ae-soon (cameo)

2009 Take Off Bob's birth mother

Television series[edit]

Year Title Role Network

1979 Chief Inspector




1980 Anguk-dong Miss Crown Prince's Consort MBC

1981 새아씨 Daughter-in-law (wife of the youngest son) MBC

Women's History: Jang Hui-bin Queen Inhyeon MBC

Women's History: Eunjangdo (Silver Knife)


1983 Gosanja Kim Jeong-ho


500 Years of Joseon: The King of Chudong Palace


1984 Governor-General of Joseon Ye Wanyong's adoptive daughter MBC

Spray Yoon-hee MBC

Bestseller Theater "Beep Beep Club"


1985 500 Years of Joseon: The Imjin War Yodo-dono MBC

1986 Winter Flower Han Mi-kyung MBC

1987 Tomorrow and Tomorrow Mi-yeon MBC

1988 Three Women Jang Se-hee MBC

Famine in the City Ji Soo-hee MBC

New York Love Story Jang Mi-hee Fuji TV

1989 Senoya Kang Shin-ae KBS1

Flowering Nest


1990 Mong-sil's Older Sister Buk Cheon-deok, Mong-sil's stepmother MBC

1991 Near the Valley Han Min-hwa KBS2

Hyung (My Older Brother)


Kim's War Choi Moon-hee/Husako Fuji TV

1994 Wind Blowing in the Window Won-hee KBS2

1995 Good Men, Good Women Choi Yoon-kyung KBS2

1996 When a Woman Loves Jung-in KBS2

Deokhye Princess Deokhye MBC



Gan-yi-yeok Choi Yeon-woo MBC

1987 Happy Morning


1998 Hong Gil-dong Choon-seom SBS

Hug Jung-ae SBS

1999 School Math teacher Yoon Yoo-ran KBS2

School 2 Math teacher Yoon Yoo-ran KBS2

Beautiful Choice Go Yoon-jung MBC

2000 She's the One Hong Chun-hee KBS2

School 3 Math teacher Yoon Yoo-ran KBS2

Virtue Kim Soon-young SBS

SWAT Police Yoo Kang-joo's mother SBS

2001 Ladies of the Palace Yun Won-hyung's wife SBS

Delicious Proposal Kwon Mi-sook MBC

TV Novel: Stepmother Lee Hae-shim KBS1


Fuji TV

2002 Successful Story of a Bright Girl Moon Jung-im SBS

Ruler of Your Own World Kang In-ok MBC

2003 Hello! Balbari Min-ji's mother KBS2

Country Princess Yoon Ji-sook MBC

Merry Go Round Sung Eun-kyo's mother MBC

Moon on Cheomseongdae Sun-young KBS2

One Million Roses Kim Soon-young KBS1

The King's Woman Lady Kim, In-bin SBS

Breathless Oh Hyun-mi MBC

2004 April Kiss Oh Shin-ja KBS2

The Age of Heroes Chun Tae-hee MBC

My 19 Year Old Sister-in-Law Song Kyung-hwa SBS

Hyung (My Older Brother) Kim Min-hee KBS2

New York Love Story - New Miheui Koike Fuji TV

2005 Encounter Yoon-ok MBC

Wonderful Life Min Do-hyun's stepmother MBC

5th Republic Jang Young-ja MBC

Loveholic Im Young-ae KBS2

A Farewell to Sorrow Kang Hye-sun KBS2

TV Novel: Sonaki (Rain Shower)


2006 Mr. Goodbye Mi-hee KBS2

Pure in Heart Choi Hye-sook KBS1

Crime Investigation: Murder in the Blue House First Lady Lee Jin-ah KBS2

2007 Like Land and Sky Jin-sook KBS1

Landscape in My Heart Jang Mo-ran KBS1

Merry Mary Oh Sung-ja MBC

Ground Zero Park Sung-hee MBC

2008 Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung-geum Sa Soon-ja MBC

Why Did You Come to Our House? Kim Mi-soon SBS

You Are My Destiny Hong Yeon-shil KBS1

Glass Castle Han Yang-sook SBS

2009 What's for Dinner? Yoon Mi-hee MBC

Partner Jung Hye-sook (guest, episodes 3-7) KBS2

Don't Hesitate Lee Jung-soo SBS

Hero Joo Myung-hee MBC

2010 Definitely Neighbors Han Soo-hee SBS

Pure Pumpkin Flower Pil-soon SBS

2011 Dream High Song Nam-boon KBS2

The Women of Our Home[3] Geum Hwa-yeon KBS1

My Love By My Side Sun-ah (cameo) SBS

If Tomorrow Comes Kim Bo-bae SBS

2012 Fashion King Yoon Hyang-sook SBS

The Moon and Stars for You Oh Young-sun KBS1

2013 My Lover, Madame Butterfly Sylvia Choi SBS

Pots of Gold Jang Deok-hee MBC

One Well-Raised Daughter Im Chung-ran SBS

2015 House of Bluebird Jung Soo-kyung KBS2

The Return of Hwang Geum-bok Cha Mi-yeon SBS

2016 Beautiful Gong Shim Lawyer's wife SBS

Variety show[edit]

Year Title Network Notes

1986 All Night Fuji Fuji TV Host

1987 JOCX-TV2 - Seoul Soul Fuji TV Host

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result

1982 18th Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actress
(TV) Women's History: Jang Hui-bin Won

MBC Drama Awards Best New Actress Won

1990 26th Baeksang Arts Awards Most Popular Actress
(TV) Flowering Nest Won

1991 15th Montréal World Film Festival[4] Best Actress Silver Stallion Won

27th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress Won

29th Grand Bell Awards Best Actress Nominated

12th Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Actress Nominated

Popular Star Award Won

11th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards Best Actress Won

Presidential Commendation for Culture Recipient Won

1992 30th Grand Bell Awards Best Actress Kim's War Nominated

13th Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Actress Nominated

2002 KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress TV Novel: Stepmother Won

2005 KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress A Farewell to Sorrow Won

2008 KBS Drama Awards Best Supporting Actress You Are My Destiny Nominated

2009 17th Chunsa Film Art Awards Best Supporting Actress Take Off Won

2011 KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress
in a Daily Drama The Women of Our Home Nominated

2013 MBC Drama Awards[5] Golden Acting Award, Actress Pots of Gold Won


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Baeksang Arts Award for Best Actress
– Film


- (1965)* Moon Jung-suk (1966) Moon Jung-suk (1967) Moon Hee
Moon Hee
(1968) Kim Ji-mee (1969)


Yoon Jeong-hee (1970) Yoon Jeong-hee (1971) Ko Eun-ah (1972) Yoon Jeong-hee (1973) Kim Ji-mee (1974) - (1975)** Kim Ja-ok
Kim Ja-ok
(1976) Tae Hyun-sil (1977) Kim Yun-gyeong and Yoon Mi-ra (1978) Kim Ja-ok
Kim Ja-ok


Yu Ji-in (1980) Jeong Yun-hui (1981) Jeong Yun-hui (1982) Jung Young-sook (1983) Won Mi-kyung (1984) Lee Mi-sook
Lee Mi-sook
(1985) Lee Bo-hee
Lee Bo-hee
(1986) Kim Ji-mee (1987) Lee Bo-hee
Lee Bo-hee
(1988) Lee Hye-young (1989)


Chang Mi-hee
Chang Mi-hee
(1990) Lee Hye-sook (1991) Kang Soo-yeon (1992) Bae Jong-ok
Bae Jong-ok
(1993) Choi Jin-sil
Choi Jin-sil
(1994) Choi Myung-gil
Choi Myung-gil
(1995) Shim Hye-jin (1996) Shim Hye-jin (1997) Shim Eun-ha (1998) Jeon Do-yeon
Jeon Do-yeon


Kang Soo-yeon (2000) Jeon Do-yeon
Jeon Do-yeon
(2001) Bae Doona
Bae Doona
(2002) Uhm Jung-hwa
Uhm Jung-hwa
(2003) Kim Ha-neul
Kim Ha-neul
(2004) Kim Hye-soo
Kim Hye-soo
(2005) Lee Young-ae
Lee Young-ae
(2006) Yum Jung-ah
Yum Jung-ah
(2007) Kim Min-hee (2008) Son Ye-jin
Son Ye-jin


Ha Ji-won
Ha Ji-won
(2010) Tang Wei
Tang Wei
(2011) Uhm Jung-hwa
Uhm Jung-hwa
(2012) Kim Min-hee (2013) Shim Eun-kyung
Shim Eun-kyung
(2014) Yum Jung-ah
Yum Jung-ah
(2015) Jeon Do-yeon
Jeon Do-yeon
(2016) Son Ye-jin
Son Ye-jin

* category named Best Performance; ** no winner

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Baeksang Arts Award for Most Popular Actress
– Television


Cha Hwa-yeon
Cha Hwa-yeon


Jo Min-su
Jo Min-su
and Lee Hye-sook (1990) Hwang Shin-hye (1991) Kim Young-ok (1992) Jung Hye-sun (1993) Ha Yoo-mi (1995) Lee Mi-sook
Lee Mi-sook
(1998) Kwon Eun-ah and Song Yun-ah
Song Yun-ah


Kim Hee-sun
Kim Hee-sun
(2000) Song Hye-kyo
Song Hye-kyo
and Jeon In-hwa
Jeon In-hwa
(2001) So Yoo-jin
So Yoo-jin
and Choi Ji-woo
Choi Ji-woo
(2002) Kim Won-hee (2003) Yang Mi-kyung and Choi Ji-woo
Choi Ji-woo
(2004) Kim Tae-hee
Kim Tae-hee
(2005) Hyun Young (2006) Han Ye-seul
Han Ye-seul
(2007) Sung Yu-ri
Sung Yu-ri
(2008) Im Yoon-ah
Im Yoon-ah


Im Yoon-ah
Im Yoon-ah
(2010) Moon Geun-young
Moon Geun-young
(2011) Park Shin-hye
Park Shin-hye
(2012) Kwon Yu-ri
Kwon Yu-ri
(2013) Park Shin-hye
Park Shin-hye
(2014) Krystal Jung
Krystal Jung
(2015) Song Hye-kyo
Song Hye-kyo
(2016) Kim Yoo