The Laundroid is a home appliance and robot, used to automatically wash, dry, sort and fold clothes to a dedicated closet.

It was first introduced and demonstrated at the 2015 CEATEC consumer electronics show in Tokyo. It was jointly developed by Daiwa House, Panasonic, and Seven Dreamers. Its image-recognition system and robotic arms currently take three to 10 minutes to pick and fold each item, or overnight for a load of laundry. It will go on sale in Japan first, and subsequently, in a limited number, in the United States. Release date is set to 2017, with pre-orders starting on March. The first machines will only be able to fold the clothes for the closet, but the final product – full wash, dry and fold system – is planned to be released in 2019.[1][2][3]

In November 2016, Seven Dreamers announced it has secured an extra $60 million in Series B Funding led by Panasonic Corp., Daiwa House Industry Co., and SBI Investment Co.[4]

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