Freston is a small village and civil parish in Suffolk, England located on the Shotley peninsula. It is situated 4 miles south-east of Ipswich. In 2001 the civil parish had a population of 122,[1] reducing slightly to 120 at the 2011 Census.[2]


Freston is notable as the location of the last outbreak of bubonic plague in England. The centre of the outbreak was Latimer Cottages, where it is thought plague-bearing rats may have come ashore with smuggled goods.[3][4] However, the diagnosis of plague has been disputed.[5]

Amenities and places of interest

  • St. Peter's church
  • The Freston Boot public house (sadly closed since 2010)
  • Freston Wood
  • Freston Tower


For transport there is the B1456 road nearby.


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