Lasso (Andrés Vicente Lazo Uslar) is a Venezuelan singer / composer.

Solo career

2009, Lasso, started working on his first album with Francisco Díaz, producer of Desorden Público, to produce and mix his album. This process started at Sonofolk, a music studio, between October 2009 and June 2010, and came out with twelve songs. Once he finished recording the album, Lasso had the chance to hire Brian Gardner to master and finish the album in Los Angeles. When designing the album´s artwork, He decided he would change his name to Lasso to pay homage to a Phoenix song of the same name he really enjoyed.

The music genre of this album is pop rock, but there are also influences of Latin rhythms like reggae and European rhythms like Flamenco.

After many months, Lasso returns to Venezuela with his first single "No Pares de Bailar", from his album "Sin Otro Sentido". This album was launched on March 2011 and Recordland in charge of the national distribution. His single "Te Veo", became a number one hit in Venezuela, South America.[1]

First single

The launch of his first single, "No Pares de Bailar", came with a music video filmed in November 2010. The producer was Paolo Merlini, Carolina Uslar as art director, and Rodolfo Bear as a photographer.

"No Pares de Bailar" was a Top #1 in HTV and his album "Sin otro sentido" became a top seller at the popular Venezuelan music stores Recordland for many weeks.


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