Larry is a masculine given name in English, derived from Lawrence or Laurence. It can be a shortened form of those names. Larry may refer to the following:


Arts and entertainment

* Larry D. Alexander, American artist/writer * Larry Boone, American country singer * Larry Collins, American musician, member of the rockabilly sibling duo The Collins Kids * Larry David (born 1947), Emmy-winning American actor, writer, comedian, producer and film director * Larry Emdur, Australian TV host * Larry Feign, American cartoonist working in Hong Kong * Larry Fine, of the Three Stooges * Larry Gates, American actor * Larry Gatlin, American country singer * Larry Graham, founder of American funk band Graham Central Station * Larry Hagman, American actor, best known for the TV series ''I Dream of Jeannie'' and ''Dallas'' * Larry Henley (1937–2014), American singer and songwriter, member of The Newbeats * Larry Junstrom (1949–2019), American bassist, founding member of the rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd * Larry Hovis, American actor and singer * Larry Kenney, American radio DJ and voice actor on ''Imus in the Morning'' * Larry King, American talk show host of ''Larry King Live'' on CNN * Larry Knechtel (1940–2009), American keyboardist and bassist * Larry Lavender, American dancer and scholar * Larry Mathews, Irish musician * Larry Miller, American actor and stand-up comedian * Larry McMurtry, American novelist * Larry Mullen Jr., American drummer and founder of the group U2 * Larry Niven, American science fiction author * Hilario Larry Ramos (1942–2014), American musician, member of the band the Association * Larry Sanders (born 1954), American singer aka L.V. * Larry Storch, American actor and comedian, best known for his TV work in ''F Troop'' * Larry Taylor (1942–2019), American bassist, member of the rock band Canned Heat * Larry Verne (1936–2013), American singer * Larry Wallis (1949–2019), English rock guitarist and songwriter, early member of the rock band Motörhead * Larry Walters (1949–1993) American truck driver, also known as Lawn Chair Larry * Larry Wilmore, American political satirist, and host of ''The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore'' * Larry the Cable Guy, stage name of American comedian Daniel Lawrence Whitney * Larry (cartoonist), British cartoonist

Information technology

* Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle Corporation * Larry Page, co-founder of Google * Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia * Larry Wall, creator of the Perl computer language


* Larry Craig, former US senator from Idaho * Larry C. Johnson, former CIA intelligence officer and political commentator * Larry Kelly (born c. 1935), American politician * M. Larry Lawrence, U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland * Larry Sanders (politician) (born 1934), American-born British academic, social worker and Green Party activist, brother of Bernie Sanders



* Larry Andersen, former baseball pitcher * Larry Anderson (baseball), former baseball pitcher for the Brewers White Sox * Larry Bowa, former shortstop for Phillies, Mets, and Cubs and former manager for Padres and Phillies * Larry Brown (infielder), major league infielder in the 1970s and 1980s, mainly with the Cleveland Indians * Larry Doby, first black baseball player in American League * Larry Hisle, major league outfielder with Philadelphia Phillies, Brewers, and Twins * Larry Jackson, major league pitcher in the 1950s and 1960s for the Cardinals, Cubs and Phillies * Larry Chipper Jones, Atlanta Braves third baseman-outfielder * Larry Sherry, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher * Larry Walker, former major league outfielder


* Larry Bird, American Hall-of-Fame National Basketball Association player * Larry Brown (basketball) (born 1940), American Hall-of-Fame basketball All-Star player and coach * Larry Drew (born 1958), American basketball player and coach * Larry Drew II (born 1990), American basketball player * Larry Gordon, American basketball player * Larry Hollyfield (born 1950/1951), American basketball player * Larry Hughes, US basketball player * Larry Johnson (basketball, born 1969), former US basketball player * Larry Nance, former National Basketball Association player * Larry Riley (basketball), General Manager of the Golden State Warriors * Larry Sanders (basketball) (born 1988), American former National Basketball Association player * Larry Shyatt, American basketball coach

Ice hockey

* Larry Huras, NHL ice hockey player and coach * Larry Murphy (ice hockey), NHL ice hockey player * Larry Robinson Canadian NHL ice hockey player * Larry Zeidel, Canadian NHL ice hockey player

Gridiron football

* Larry Allen, American football player * Larry Barretta, American football player * Larry Beil (American football), American football player * Larry Csonka, National Football League Hall of Famer * Larry Dick, American player of Canadian football * Larry Ford (American football), American football player * Larry Johnson (running back), American football player for the Washington Redskins * Larry Fitzgerald, American football player for the Arizona Cardinals * Larry Critchfield, American football player for the Pittsburgh Pirates * Larry Jusdanis, Canadian football player * Larry Keller, American football player * Larry Linne, American football player * Larry Ogunjobi, American football player * Larry Peace, American football player * Larry Rentz, American football player * Larry Rose III, American football player * Larry Seivers, American football player * Larry Sherrer, American football player * Larry Steinbach, American football player * Larry Walbridge, American football player

Other sports

* Larry Holmes, boxer * Larry L'Estrange MBE, Irish rugby player * Larry Nixon (born 1950), American professional fisherman * Larry Olsen (jockey), retired jockey * Larry Zbyszko, professional wrestler and commentator


* Larry Gene Ashbrook, mass murderer * Larry Gene Bell, murderer and possible serial killer * Larry Eyler, serial killer and kidnapper * Larry Hoover, gang leader * Larry Eugene Phillips, Jr., bank robber and leader of the High Incident Bandits * Larry Lawton, author and ex-convict * Larry Nassar, serial child molester * Larry Pusateri, American fugitive * Larry Singleton, rapist and mutilator

Multiple individuals

* Larry Brown (disambiguation) * Larry Harris (disambiguation) * Larry Johnson (disambiguation) * Larry Miller (disambiguation) * Larry Murphy (disambiguation) * Larry Phillips (disambiguation) * Larry Scott (disambiguation) * Larry Smith (disambiguation)


* Larry Wu-Tai Chin, Chinese double agent who worked in the CIA * Larry Flynt (1942–2021), American publisher * Larry Wijeratna (1950–1998), Sri Lankan Sinhala army major general


*Larry (cat), Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office since February 2011

In fiction


* Larry the Cucumber, character from VeggieTales; also goes by the alter-ego of Larryboy *Larry the Lobster, a fictional lifeguard on ''SpongeBob SquarePants'' * Larry Palaroncini, character from Homestar Runner that plays in the band ''Limozeen'' * Larry the Snake, character from ''The Wild'' * Larry Burns (The Simpsons), the son of Mr. Burns, portrayed by Rodney Dangerfield in ''The Simpsons''


* Larry, a character on the American sitcom television series ''Newhart'' * Larry Appleton, character on ''Perfect Strangers'', often referred to as Cousin Larry * Larry Blaisdell, character played by Larry Bagby III on ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' * Larry Dallas, Jack Tripper's best friend from the ABC sitcom Three's Company (1977–1984) * Larry Emdur, a host on the Morning Show, Channel 7, Australia * Doctor Laurence Erhardt, one of the original mad scientists from ''Mystery Science Theater 3000'' TV series * Larry Fleinhardt, a character who is a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and CalSci professor in the CBS crime drama ''NUMB3RS'', played by Peter MacNicol * Larry "Bud" Melman, recurring character on David Letterman shows * Larry Potter, a character from the American TV sitcom ''Get a Life'' * Larry Tate, on the TV series ''Bewitched''

Video games

* Larry Butz, the friend of Phoenix Wright in the ''Ace Attorney'' series * Larry "Pixy" Foulke, a fictional character in ''Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War'' * Larry Laffer, the fictional character from the ''Leisure Suit Larry'' adult video game series * Larry Koopa, a video game character in the Super Mario Bros. series

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