Lanneplaà is a commune in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in south-western France.

The inhabitants of the commune are known as Lanneplanais or Lanneplanaises .[1]



Lanneplaà is located some 5 km south-west of Orthez.


Access to the commune is by road D23 from Orthez and by road D267. « Route de Sainte-Suzanne » is another access. The A64 autoroute passes in Orthez the nearest exit being Exit Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 8  some 9 km north-east of the commune. The commune is mostly farmland with scattered forests.[2]


The commune is crossed by a tributary of Laà, the stream of Moulins, and a tributaryof Saleys, the arriou of Mondran.

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The following table details the origins of the commune name.
Name Century / year Source Origin
Lanepla 10th century[4] cartulaire de Sorde[5] / Raymond
Lane-Pla et Lanne-Pla' 1172[6] cartulaire de Sorde[5] / Raymond
Laneplan 1323[4] cartulaire d'Orthez[7] / Raymond
Llaneplaa 1385[6]
Lanaplaa 1536[4] Raymond Béarn[8]
Lanaplan 1538[4] Raymond Béarn[8]
Lanneplâa end 18th century[6] carte de Cassini / Cassini
Lanneplaa 1793[9] Cassini
Lanneplau 1801[9] Bulletin des lois / Cassini
Lanneplàa 1863 Topographical Dictionary Béarn-Pays basque[4] / Raymond

Lanneplaà as for origin the Gascon lana (resulting from the Gaulish language landa, "lande"(moor)) and plana ("plane"[6] ("flat")).

Lanneplaà thus indicates a plain of Meadow.


Paul Raymond noted that the municipality had a Lay Abbey, vassal of the Viscounts of Béarn.

On 1385 , Lanneplaà depended on the bailiwick of Larbaig and there were 39 fires.


List of successive Mayor
Mayor Term start Term end Party
Jacques Laulhé 1977 2001 Independent politician
Jacques Laulhé 2001 2008 Independent politician
Jacques Laulhé 2008 2014 Independent politician
Aline Langlès 2014 2020 Independent politician




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