Lankiam Cay 10°43′N 114°32′E / 10.717°N 114.533°E / 10.717; 114.533 (Tagalog: Panata, literally "oath"; Chinese: 杨信沙洲; pinyin: Yangxin Shazhou; Vietnamese: đá An Nhơn) is the smallest of the naturally occurring Spratly Islands. It has an area of 0.44 hectares (1.1 acres) (4,400 sq. m), and is located about 7 nautical miles (13 km; 8.1 mi) eastnortheast of Philippine-occupied Loaita (Kota) Island,[1] just west of the north of Dangerous Ground.[2]

The island is administered by the Philippines as part of Kalayaan, Palawan, and is the seventh largest of the Philippine-occupied islands. It is also claimed by the People's Republic of China, the Republic of China (Taiwan), and Vietnam.


At one time the island had a surface area of more than 5 hectares, but strong waves brought by a strong typhoon washed out the sandy surface (beach) of the island leaving behind the calcarenite foundation that can be seen at low tide. It has a wide lagoon.

Philippine occupation

The island is guarded by soldiers stationed at nearby Loaita Island who regularly visit. It is kept under observation from a tall structure on Loaita Island.

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