Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated
Founded December 1, 1975; 42 years ago (December 1, 1975)
Kean University
Type Academic
Scope United States

"Latin By Tradition Not by Definition" "Universal Women. Redefining Sisterhood"

"Women there are Many, Ladies there are Few"


Symbol La Perla (pearl), La Concha (shell), La Luna (moon), y La Palma (Palm Tree)[1]
Philanthropy St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Chapters Undergraduate Chapters:143 Alumnae Chapters: 26
Nickname LTA, Lovely Lambda Ladies
Principles Unity, Love, and Respect
Headquarters Union, New Jersey
Website www.lambdalady.org

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. (ΛΘΑ) was established in 1975. The idea for Lambda Theta Alpha began in the 1970s when colleges and universities experienced an influx of Latino enrollment. As colleges and universities began to get an increase from first-generation students, particular women of color there was low retention due to no support system. The organization was founded at Kean University by seventeen women of Latin, Caribbean, and European descent as a support system for women in high education.[2] The sorority is Latin by tradition, not by definition in that it remains open to women of all races and ethnicities. It became an academic sorority in order to focus on retaining women in high education, the organization it also stresses social justice and activism dating back from how the organization came to be. Lambda Theta Alpha is proud to be recognized as the First Latina Sorority in the Nation.

Lambda Theta Alpha partakes in traditions such as having hand signs and calls, as well as saluting and strolling; but not stepping, out of respect to the "Divine Nine" or the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Saluting demonstrates unity and respect, while strolling demonstrates unity and pride. All these traditions are extremely respected and held dearly by the organization.[3]

Lambda Theta Alpha was also previously under the umbrella of NALFO, which is the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations. Lambda Theta Alpha had won recognition with the Sorority of the Year award from 2000–2001, 2002–2003, 2003–2004, 2009–2010, 2011–2012, 2012–2013 and 2013-2014.[4][5]

Founding Mothers

The seventeen Founding Mothers came together in an effort to create the first Latin Sorority in the nation. The Founding Mothers are more than historical icons to the sisterhood, they are distinguished professionals within their fields and they continue to contribute to their respective communities on the social, political, and educational level. They also continue to support the progress of growth of the sorority as active members, participating in National and local events.

Picture of Lambda Theta Alpha Founding Mothers and Line 1
Ileana Almaguer Cecilia Alvarez
Carmen Baez Karen Capra
Doris Cruz Arlene Fernandez
Eneida Figueroa Maria Gautier
Teresa Gonzalez Dra. Thomasa Gonzalez
Diana Ibarria Lillian Marrero
Ofelia Oviedo Linda Perez
Aurora "Dory" Rodriguez Maria del Carmen Vega
Marilyn Wyatt

National philanthropy

LTA and the St. Jude Give Thanks Walk

Lambda Theta Alpha members serve thousands of hours each year to a variety of philanthropic causes and needs. In the effort to create a more united and bigger impact nationally, Lambda Theta Alpha selected a national philanthropy. In January 2010, LTA became an official collegiate partner to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, becoming the first individual Latino Greek organization to commit fully to the hospital's efforts.[6] With this partnership, LTA provides resources of community service and activism and more importantly, another direct link to the Hispanic community for St. Jude. LTA has pledged to raise awareness about childhood cancer and St. Jude in the Latin community, as well as fundraise for the hospital through a variety of events and programs.


Designation School
Α (Alpha) Kean University
Β (Beta) Bloomfield College
Γ (Gamma) The College of New Jersey
Δ (Delta) Seton Hall University
Ε (Epsilon) Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Ζ (Zeta) Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Η (Eta) Fairleigh Dickinson University & Caldwell College
Θ (Theta) Rowan University
Ι (Iota) Rider University
Κ (Kappa) University of Connecticut
Λ (Lambda) Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Puerto Rico
Μ (Mu) Ramapo College of New Jersey
Ν (Nu) Montclair State University
Ξ (Xi) Manhattan College, The College of New Rochelle, & Iona College
Ο (Omicron) Upsala College
Π (Pi) West Chester University
Ρ (Rho) Rutgers University–Camden
Σ (Sigma) William Paterson University
Τ (Tau) Monmouth University
Υ (Upsilon) University of Maryland - College Park
Φ (Phi) New Jersey Institute of Technology & Rutgers University–Newark
Χ (Chi) University of Florida
Ψ (Psi) Central Connecticut State University
ΒΑ (Beta Alpha) University of Hartford & Trinity College
ΒΒ (Beta Beta) LeMoyne College
ΒΓ (Beta Gamma) University of South Florida
ΒΔ (Beta Delta) California State University - Long Beach
ΒΕ (Beta Epsilon) University of Pennsylvania & Temple University
ΒΖ (Beta Zeta) Loyola Marymount University
ΒΗ (Beta Eta) Texas A & M University - College Station
ΒΘ (Beta Theta) University of Central Florida
ΒΙ (Beta Iota) Arizona State University
ΒΚ (Beta Kappa) University of Maryland, Baltimore County
ΒΛ (Beta Lambda) Pennsylvania State University
ΒΜ (Beta Mu) University of North Texas
ΒΝ (Beta Nu) University of Texas at Arlington
ΒΞ (Beta Xi) San Jose State University
ΒΟ (Beta Omicron) University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
ΒΠ (Beta Pi) Eastern Michigan University
ΒΡ (Beta Rho) New Jersey City University & Saint Peter's University
ΒΣ (Beta Sigma) University of Miami
ΒΤ (Beta Tau) University of Buffalo & Buffalo State University
(Beta Phi) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
(Beta Chi) Eastern Illinois University
(Beta Psi) Northwestern University
(Beta Omega) Wayne State University
(Gamma Alpha) University of Virginia
(Gamma Beta) Vanderbilt University
(Gamma Gamma) University of Tennessee
(Gamma Delta) Nova Southeastern University
(Gamma Epsilon) Florida State University
(Gamma Zeta) University of California, Riverside
(Gamma Eta) University of Houston
(Gamma Theta) Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi
(Gamma Iota) Florida Atlantic University
(Gamma Kappa) University of New Mexico
(Gamma Lambda) California State University, Fullerton
(Gamma Mu) University of Wisconsin–Madison
(Gamma Nu) Emory University
(Gamma Xi) Sam Houston State University
(Gamma Omicron) University of Washington, Seattle
(Gamma Pi) Florida International University
(Gamma Rho) Texas Tech University
(Gamma Sigma) California State University, San Bernardino
(Gamma Tau) California State University, Los Angeles
(Gamma Upsilon) California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
(Gamma Phi) Cornell University
(Gamma Chi) The University of Texas at Austin
(Gamma Psi) San Diego State University
(Gamma Omega) Georgia Institute of Technology
(Delta Alpha) The University of Georgia
(Delta Beta) Georgia State University
(Delta Gamma) University of North Carolina at Pembroke
(Delta Delta) University of North Carolina Wilmington
(Delta Epsilon) George Mason University
(Delta Zeta) Stony Brook University
(Delta Eta) University of Idaho
(Delta Theta) University of California, Santa Barbara
(Delta Iota) Middle Tennessee State University
(Delta Kappa) St. John’s University (New York)
(Delta Lambda) West Virginia University
(Delta Mu) Western Illinois University
(Delta Nu) Loyola University Chicago
(Delta Xi) Lewis Clark State College
(Delta Omicron) University of California, Berkeley
(Delta Pi) University of Delaware
(Delta Rho) University of California, Los Angeles
(Delta Sigma) Texas Wesleyan University
(Delta Tau) San Francisco State University
(Delta Upsilon) Lehigh University
(Delta Phi) University of Southern California
(Delta Chi) California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
(Delta Psi) Towson University
(Delta Omega) California State University, Northridge
(Epsilon Alpha) Kennesaw State University
(Epsilon Beta) University of Chicago
(Epsilon Gamma) University of Illinois at Chicago
(Epsilon Delta) DePaul University
(Epsilon Epsilon) Eastern Washington University
(Epsilon Zeta) University of Vermont
(Epsilon Eta) Villanova University
(Epsilon Theta) East Carolina University
(Epsilon Iota) Humboldt State University
(Epsilon Kappa) University of Arizona
(Epsilon Lambda) Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
(Epsilon Mu) SUNY Oneonta
(Epsilon Nu) North Carolina State University
(Epsilon Xi) California State University, Fresno
(Epsilon Omicron) Binghamton University – State University of New York
(Epsilon Pi) Michigan State University
(Epsilon Rho) Texas Christian University
(Epsilon Sigma) University of California Irvine
(Epsilon Tau) Lewis University
(Epsilon Upsilon) University of California, Davis
(Epsilon Phi) University of North Carolina, Charlotte
(Epsilon Chi) University of California, Santa Cruz
(Epsilon Psi) State University of New York, Albany
(Epsilon Omega) University of Memphis
(Zeta Alpha) Virginia Commonwealth University
(Zeta Beta) University of West Georgia
(Zeta Gamma) Iowa State University
(Zeta Delta) Boise State University
(Zeta Epsilon) Syracuse University
(Zeta Zeta) California State University, East Bay
(Zeta Eta) Idaho State University
(Zeta Theta) Johnson C. Smith University
(Zeta Iota) Heritage University
(Zeta Kappa) State University of New York at Plattsburgh
(Zeta Lambda) Western Michigan University
(Zeta Mu) Duke University
(Zeta Nu) Hofstra University
(Zeta Xi) University of Missouri
(Zeta Omicron) Southern Illinois University Carbondale
(Zeta Pi) Salisbury University
(Zeta Rho) University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
(Zeta Sigma) Washington State University
(Zeta Tau) Aurora University
(Zeta Upsilon) Northern Illinois University
(Zeta Phi) Denison University
(Zeta Chi) University of Northern Colorado
(Zeta Psi) California State University Dominguez Hills


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