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LAKE CHAMO (Amharic : Chamo Hayk) is a lake in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples\' Region of southern Ethiopia
. Located in the Main Ethiopian Rift , it is at an elevation of 1,110 meters. The lake is just to the south of Lake
Abaya and the city of Arba Minch , and east of the Guge Mountains .


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Chamo northern end lies in the Nechisar National Park
Nechisar National Park
. According to figures published by the Central Statistical Agency , it is 32 kilometers long and 13 wide, with a surface area of 317 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 14 meters with a catchment of about 18757 square kilometers in size. Other sources locate it on an elevation of 1,235 meters with a length of 26 km a widths of 22 km an area of 551 square kilometers a chatchment of 2220 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 10 meters.

The lake is fringed with beds of Typha
, as well as wetlands. It is fed by the Kulfo River and several small streams, as well as overflow from Lake
Abaya brought to it by the Ualo River. Oscar Neumann , exploring the area in 1901, found a dry channel connecting Lake
Chamo to the