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La Liga Filipina
La Liga Filipina
(lit. The Philippine League) was a progressive organization created by Dr. José Rizal
José Rizal
in the Philippines
in the house of Doroteo Ongjunco at Ilaya Street, Tondo, Manila
Tondo, Manila
in 1892. The organization derived from La Solidaridad
La Solidaridad
and the Propaganda movement. The purpose of La Liga Filipina
La Liga Filipina
is to build a new group sought to involve the people directly in the reform movement. The league was to be a sort of mutual aid and self-help society dispensing scholarship funds and legal aid, loaning capital and setting up cooperatives, the league became a threat to Spanish authorities that they arrested Rizal on July 6, 1892 on Dapitan. During the exile of Rizal, The organization became inactive, through the efforts of Domingo Franco and Andres Bonifacio, it was reorganized. The organization decided to declare its support for La Solidaridad and the reforms it advocated, raise funds for the paper, and defray the expenses of deputies advocating reforms for the country before the Spanish Cortes. Eventually after some disarray in the leadership of the group, the Supreme Council of the League dissolved the society. The Liga membership split into two groups when it is about to be revealed: the conservatives formed the Cuerpo de Compromisarios which pledged to continue supporting the La Solidaridad
La Solidaridad
while the radicals led by Bonifacio devoted themselves to a new and secret society, the Katipunan.


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The cover page of the constitution of La Liga Filipina

To unite the whole archipelago into one vigorous and homogenous organization; Mutual protection in every want and necessity; Defense against all violence and injustice Encouragement of instruction, agriculture, and commerce; and Study the application of reforms

Members of La Liga Filipina[edit]

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Contemporary history (1986–present)

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José Rizal, Founder Ambrosio Salvador, President of the League Agustin de la Rosa, Fiscal Bonifacio Arevalo, Treasurer Deodato Arellano, Secretary and first Supreme leader of Katipunan

Exile of Rizal[edit]

Domingo Franco, President and Supreme leader Deodato Arellano, Secretary-Treasurer Isidro Francisco, Fiscal Apolinario Mabini, Secretary Marcelo H. del Pilar, editor-in-chief Graciano Lopez Jaena, former editor-in-chief

Other members[edit]

Andrés Bonifacio, Supreme leader of Katipunan
and led the Cry of Pugad Lawin. Mamerto Natividad, One of the leaders of the revolution in Nueva Ecija. Moises Salvador, Master of lodge of the mason in Balagtas. Numeriano Adriano, Chief guard of lodge of the mason in Balagtas. José A. Dizon, Master of lodge of the mason in Taliba. Ambrosio Rianzares Bautista, War adviser during First Philippine Republic, Author of Philippine Declaration of Independence. Timoteo Lanuza, Stated the depose to dispel the Spanish frail in the Philippine in 1889. Marcelino de Santos, Bidder and assistant of La Solidaridad. Paulino Zamora, Master of lodge of the mason in Lusong. Procopio Bonifacio Juan Zulueta, Member of lodge of the mason in Lusong, Member of Supreme Council. Doroteo Ongjunco, Member of lodge of the mason in Lusong Arcadio del Rosario,Publicist of lodge of the mason in Balagtas. Timoteo Paez, Member of Supreme Council

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