LST may refer to:


* Licentiate of Sacred Theology * Liston College * London School of Theology


* Law School Transparency * Linux Support Team, a defunct German Linux distributor (LST Linux, Power Linux) since 1993 * LST Software GmbH (from Linux System Technology), a German software company, successor of Linux Support Team and predecessor of Caldera Deutschland GmbH


* Launceston Airport * Liverpool Street station, a major railway and tube station in London (station code LST)

Science and technology

* Surveying, Land Surveyor in Training * Landing Ship, Tank, a U.S. Navy ship class, of type ''Amphibious Warfare'' * Laplace-Stieltjes transform, a transform similar to the Laplace transform * Large Space Telescope, the Hubble Space Telescope * Living systems theory, Living Systems Theory * Log-space transducer, a type of Turing machine used for log-space reductions * Löwenheim–Skolem theorem, a theorem in first-order logic dealing with the cardinality of models * Lowstand systems tract, a systems tract in sequence stratigraphy * LST:, a built-in device driver name in 86-DOS and some versions of MS-DOS 1.25 * Lyddane–Sachs–Teller relation for optical phonons in solids or the related relation for hydrodynamics


* Least slack time scheduling * Local Sidereal time, Sidereal Time * Local Standard time, Standard Time


*L.S.T. (album), ''L.S.T.'' (album)

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