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The GER Class G58
GER Class G58
Class J17) was a class of 0-6-0
steam tender locomotives designed by James Holden for the Great Eastern Railway
Great Eastern Railway
in England. The class consisted partly of new locomotives built from 1905 to 1911 and partly of rebuilds of the earlier GER Class F48
GER Class F48
built from 1900 to 1903. The rebuilding started under GER auspices from 1921 and was continued by the London and North Eastern Railway
London and North Eastern Railway
(LNER) after grouping in 1923.


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History[edit] The earlier GER Class F48
GER Class F48
were built between 1900 and 1903 and had round-top boilers; there were sixty of them. The G58 had Belpaire fireboxes, like those fitted to the F48 No. 1189, and later fitted to the Class D56 Claud Hamilton 4-4-0s.[1] A further thirty of the Belpaire boiler type followed to form Class G58.

Table of orders and numbers (Class G58)[2]

Year Order No. Quantity GER Nos. LNER
Nos. 1946 Nos. Notes

1905 G58 10 1210–1219 8210–8219 5560–5569

1905–06 S59 10 1220–1229 8220–8229 5570–5579

1910–11 T67 10 1230–1239 8230–8239 5580–5589

Superheating[edit] The class was superheated between 1915 and 1932. From 1921, all the round-top boilers were replaced by the Belpaire type and the majority were of the superheated type. Blastpipes[edit] At first Macallan blastpipes were fitted, but later the Stone's variable blastpipe was substituted. Plain blastpipes were substituted between 1924 and 1929.[3] LNER
ownership[edit] On the LNER, those retaining round-top fireboxes were classified J16, and those built, or rebuilt, with Belpaire fireboxes were classified J17.[4] The J16 category ceased to exist in 1932.[1] BR ownership[edit] All the J16s had been rebuilt as J17s by 1932 and 89 J17s passed to British Railways
British Railways
(BR) in 1948.[5] BR numbers were 65500–65589, of which 65500–59 were the rebuilds from F48 (J16).[6] One number (65550) was blank, because locomotive no. 8200 had been destroyed in a German V-2 rocket
V-2 rocket
explosion at Stratford in November 1944.[1][7] The second locomotive was withdrawn in 1953, and the last in 1962.[8] Preservation[edit] GER no. 1217 ( LNER
8217, 5567, BR 65567) was withdrawn in 1962 and acquired privately for preservation.[1] It is owned by the National Railway Museum, York, as part of the UK National Collection, but is on loan to the Barrow Hill Roundhouse and Railway Centre. Modelling[edit] A 4 mm scale kit is available from PDK Models [9] References[edit]

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British Railways
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GER Class G58
Class J17.

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Great Eastern Railway
Great Eastern Railway

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Great Eastern Railway
Great Eastern Railway

R. Sinclair (1862–1866)


S. W. Johnson (1866–1876)

No. 1 125 201 202 417 204 109 477 T7 200 134 C8

Wm. Adams (1873–1878)

209 61 K9 230 527

M. Bromley (1878–1881)

E10 245 140 M12 552

T. W. Worsdell (1881–1885)

G14 Y14 G15 M15 G16

J. Holden (1885–1907)

T18 T19 127 E22 R24 D27 T26 N31 C32 P43 S44 S46 F48 C53 A55 D56 S56 G58

S. D. Holden (1907–1912)

Y65 G69 S69 E72

A. J. Hill (1912–1922)

C72 B74 L77 T77 D81 H88

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London and North Eastern Railway
London and North Eastern Railway

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D24 J23 J28 J75 J80 N11 N12 N13 Q10


Gresley (1923–1941)

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Thompson (1941–1946)

A1 A2/1 A2/2 A2/3 B1 B2 K1 K5 L1 O1 Q1

Peppercorn (1946–1947)

A1 A2 K1

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