London, Midland and Scottish Railway(LMS) Sentinel No. 7164, (later 7184 and under British Railways, 47184) was a small shunting locomotive. Its design was that of the single-speed Sentinel,[1] a vertical-boilered geared locomotive, using Sentinel's standard vertical boiler and steam motor design. This was the smallest of the four Sentinel classes used by the LMS.


7164 was the LMS' only example of the early Sentinel BE or 'Balanced Engine' design, rather than the later CE or 'Central Engine' design used for 7160-7163. This placed the boiler and engine at opposite ends of the frames, with the water tank in the centre.[2] Although the LNER Class Y1 Sentinel was also a single-speed, they were of the larger Central Engine design and were similar to the two-speed locomotives in appearance.


Built in 1931 by Sentinel Waggon Works as Works No. 8593, it was taken into LMS stock in 1932 as 7164.[1] It was to a design that was also built for use industry, but unique within the LMS, though the LMS did have other Sentinels of different types. The LMS gave it the power classification 0F. It was renumbered 7184 in 1939 and as 47184 after nationalisation in 1948.[1] 47184 was withdrawn in 1955[1] from 5B Crewe (South) and subsequently scrapped.

Other LMS Sentinel classes


The replica 7164, dwarfed between two industrial saddle tanks of more conventional size and design

47184 was not preserved. However, a similar locomotive that worked in industry, works No. 7232 Ann was in 2003 painted to masquerade as 7164 on the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway. The prototype only carried unlined black livery but Ann was given lined black livery and retained her nameplate.


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