LEN (French: Ligue Européenne de Natation, English: European Swimming League, German: Europäische Schwimmliga, Spanish: Liga Europea de Natación) is the European governing body for aquatic sports affiliated to FINA — it is the Continental Association for Europe. It was formally organized in 1927 in Bologna, Italy,[1] and since 2015 is headquartered in Nyon.

LEN comprises 52 national swimming federations in Europe, and includes Israel which for Olympic-sport purposes is grouped with Europe.[2] LEN is overseen by an elected Bureau (board) composed of Members representing 17 different Federations. LEN oversees aquatic sports in Europe: diving, swimming, open water swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo.



LEN organizes one championship (European Aquatics Championships), involving three of the five LEN disciplines (swimming, diving and synchronized swimming).

Discipline championships

LEN organizes four more discipline championships (swimming (25m), diving, water polo and open water).

Junior championships

LEN also runs various competitions restricted to a younger age:

Masters championships

Member federations

The following national federations are part of LEN:

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