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L'eroe della strada (i.e. "The hero of the road") is a 1948 Italian comedy film directed by Carlo Borghesio
Carlo Borghesio
and starring Erminio Macario.[1][2][3]


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Plot[edit] Felice Manetti, a poor, unemployed man, is accused of stealing an organ. Saved by the testimony of Gaetano, a con man who pretends to be a former partisan, then Felice falls in love with a cigarette girl whose husband went missing in war. Cast[edit]

Erminio Macario
Erminio Macario
as Felice Manetti Carlo Ninchi
Carlo Ninchi
as Gaetano Salvatore Delia Scala
Delia Scala
as Giulietta Marchi Folco Lulli
Folco Lulli
as Head of the Workers Piero Lulli
Piero Lulli
as Paolo Monica Egg as Paulette Jones Cesare Costarelli as Comm. Zanotti Carlo Rizzo as Political Agitator Arnoldo Foà
Arnoldo Foà
as Prosecutor


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