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Kseniya Aleksandrovna Rappoport (Russian: Ксе́ния Алекса́ндровна Раппопо́рт; born 25 March 1974 in Saint Petersburg)[1][2] is a Russian actress. She graduated in 2000 from Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg
Academy of Theatrical Arts and was immediately invited to join the Maly Drama Theatre. She played Nina Zarechnaya in The Seagull, Elena in Uncle Vania, and Sonia in La doppia ora. She has appeared in films and TV series such as Streets of Broken Lights, Baron, Anna Karenina, Nicholas II (Germany), The Russian Bride, National Security Agent, Empire under Attack, Calendula Flowers, Prokofiev (Germany), Get Thee Out, Criminal Petersburg, Homicide, and I Pay Up Front and My Wife's Romance. She starred in the Italian film La sconosciuta
La sconosciuta
(2006), L'uomo che ama
L'uomo che ama
(2008) and in the Golden Lion
Golden Lion
nominated movie La doppia ora
La doppia ora
(2009), for which she won Volpi Cup for Best Actress
Volpi Cup for Best Actress
at the 66th Venice Film Festival.[3]


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Biography[edit] She made her debut in cinema at the age of 16 years, while the decision to become an actress was influenced by her role in the film Get Thee Out.[4] In 2000 she graduated from Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg
State Theatre Arts Academy (SPbGATI), where she studied in the class VM Filshtinsky and was immediately invited to join the trainee group in St. Petersburg Maly Drama Theater, where she is an actress at the moment.[5] Xenia played Nina Zarechnaya in The Seagull
The Seagull
set Lev Dodin
Lev Dodin
in 2001,[6] She also played a girl in "Claustrophobia" (MDT),[6] Elena Andreyevna in Uncle Vanya (Prize "Gold spotlights" in 2003 for Best Actress) and Sofia in Play without Name directed by Lev Dodin
Lev Dodin
in MDT, Jocasta
in Oedipus Rex, Beatrice in The Servant of Two Masters
The Servant of Two Masters
and Ismenio in Antigone (State Theatre on Foundry). In 2008, Rappoport played an opera singer whose son mysteriously disappears in the film Yuri's Day by Kirill Serebrennikov. She won the Best Actress award at the Kinotavr
festival,[7] Golden Eagle Awards[8] and at the Russian Guild of Film Critics Awards.[9] In September 2009 for The Double Hour
The Double Hour
she won the prize of the Venice Film Festival
Venice Film Festival
for Best Actress.[10]

Kseniya Rappoport
Kseniya Rappoport
in the Venice Film Festival
Venice Film Festival
on September 2009.

In December 2009, Rappoport was awarded the title Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.[11] On June 27, 2012, at the 58th International Film Festival in Taormina (Sicily, Italy) Rappoport awarded the prize Golden Lion, founded by the Province of Messina. In 2012 she was awarded the Golden Eagle Award for her role in film Two Days
Two Days
(2011).[12] At the 35th Moscow International Film Festival, she got awarded a special prize "For conquest of tops of actor's skill and loyalty to the principles of Stanislavsky school". In 2013, Rappoport won in the category "Skill actor" (Best Actress) awarded the International Prize of Stanislavsky (2012-2013 theater season) for the role of Lady Milford in the play Intrigue and Love directed by Lev Dodin
Lev Dodin
(MDT Theater of Europe). In 2014 she became the winner of "Top 50 Most famous people of St. Petersburg" in the theater for active work in the Board of Trustees "Children Bella" and the role of Ranevskaya in The Cherry Orchard
The Cherry Orchard
by Lev Dodin. In March 2015 she was awarded the prize of the Association of producers of film and television in the field of television movies as Best Actress TV Movie/Series for the role of Olga in the TV series Ladoga. Personal life[edit] Rappoport's father was Jewish, and she has stated that she never hid her Jewish ethnicity.[13] Rappoport was married to Russian businessman Viktor Tarasov (divorced). Their daughter is actress Darya Viktorovna "Aglaya" Tarasova, born 1994 in Saint Petersburg.[2] She later married Russian actor Yuri Kolokolnikov, and they have a daughter Sofia, born January 2011.[14] Filmography[edit] Film[edit]

Year Title Role Notes

1991 Get Thee Out

1993 Russian bride Kristina

1997 Anna Karenina Mariya

1999 Flowers of Marigold Elena, the daughter of Seraphim and dissident

1999 I'll pay more! Natusya

2005 Kazaroza Alevtina

2006 The Unknown Woman Irena

2006 Ratatouille Margo

2008 Yuri's Day Lyubov Vasilyeva

2008 A man who loves L'uomo che ama
L'uomo che ama
... Sara

2008 Kacheli Inna Maksimovna (ru)

2008 Italians Vera

2008 The Double Hour Sonia

2009 The golden section Mari

2009 My Wife's Romance Amro's wife

2010 The Father and the Foreigner Lisa

2011 Two Days Masha (ru)

2011 Gulf Stream Under the Iceberg

2011 Fairytale.Is head teacher (ru)

2012 No hurry actress Anna Feofanova (short story "Saving the tunnel")

2011 Raspoutine Maria Golovina

2014 Noi 4 Lara

2014 The Ice Forest Lana

2014 The Invisible Boy Ylena

2015 Deerest Mother! Galina, mother Slavika

2015 Norway Anna

2016 The Queen of Spades Sofia Mayer

2018 Ice (2018 film) Nadya Lapshina's mother


Year Title Role Notes

1999 National Security Agent Tanya (ru)

1999 Streets of Broken Lights
Streets of Broken Lights
2 Marina Urbanskaya

2000-05 Destructive force wife Sinitsky

2000 Empire under Attack Alina

2001 Gangster Petersburg 3: Antibiotic Collapse Rachel Dallet (ru)

2002 On behalf of Baron Debora (ru)

2002 Time to love Nadya

2002 Knife in the Clouds

2003 Gangster Petersburg 4: Prisoner Rachel Dallet (ru)

2003 Do not quarrel, girls!

2004 Sissi - Empress rebel Marie

2005 The Fall of the Empire Alina Gorskaya

2005 Yesenin Galina Benislavskya

2005 Citizen of the head 2 Anna Karno (ru)

2007 Liquidation Ida Miniseries

2007 Betrothed-disguised Olga Gusarova wife Edik

2007 More important than love Veronica Vladimirtseva journalist

2009 Isaev Lidiya Bosse, singer (ru)

2012 The White Guard Elena

2012 After school Zhanna Ivanovna, head teacher (ru)

2013 Ladoga Olga Kaminskaya Miniseries

2014 Boatswain Seagull


2017 Mata Hari Elizabeth Shragmyuller


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Kseniya Rappoport
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