Kotono Mitsuishi


is a Japanese
voice actress Voice acting is the art of performing voice-overs to present a character or provide information to an audience. Performers are called voice actors/actresses, voice artists, voice talent, voice-over artists, or voice-over talent. Voice acting is ...
, actress, singer, and narrator. She was affiliated with
Arts Vision Arts Vision Incorporated (株式会社アーツビジョン, ''Kabushiki-gaisha Ātsu Bijon'') is a Japanese talent agency based in Yoyogi, Shibuya, Tokyo that employs many high-profile Voice acting in Japan, voice actors. It was founded in 1984 by ...
and Lasley Arrow, but is now freelance. Mitsuishi lived in
Nagareyama, Chiba 260px, Nagareyama City Hall is a city A city is a large human settlement.Goodall, B. (1987) ''The Penguin Dictionary of Human Geography''. London: Penguin.Kuper, A. and Kuper, J., eds (1996) ''The Social Science Encyclopedia''. 2nd edition. Lond ...
. She graduated from high school and entered the Katsuta Voice Actor's Academy in 1986. She is well known for her roles as Sailor Moon (character), Usagi Tsukino in ''Sailor Moon (TV series), Sailor Moon'', Misato Katsuragi in ''Neon Genesis Evangelion'', Boa Hancock in ''One Piece'', List_of_Mobile_Suit_Gundam_SEED_characters#Murrue_Ramius, Murrue Ramius, Haro & Narrator in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED & Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY and Mei Mei in ''Jujutsu Kaisen''.

Early life

Kotono Mitsuishi was born on December 8, 1967 in Toda, Saitama, Toda, Saitama Prefecture and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated high school in 1986 and later entered the Katsuta Seiyū Academy. She then debuted as Seiyū in 1989. She is also known for her role of Sailor Moon (character), Sailor Moon in the Sailor Moon, manga and anime series of the same name since 1992. In 2011, she was the voice of Hummy in ''Suite PreCure''.

Personal life

She is married with one daughter.


Television anime

Original video animation (OVA)

Anime films

Video games


Live Action



*1993: ''Mo' Merry'' [PICA-1010] *1994: ''A・Ha・Ha'' [PICA-1027] *1994: ''Cotton Colour'' [PICA-1036] *1995: ''Birthday of the Sun'' [PICA-1061] *1995: ''Koto-cha wan no Itsumoissho Kenmei – Kotochawanderland'' [PICA-1079] *1996: ''Yasashi Otona ni Naru Tame ni'' [PICA-1094] *1998: ''Niku to Kokoro'' [TYCY-5608/9]

In Seiyuu Groups

Peach Hips (1992–present)

Humming Bird (1993–1995)

*1993: ''Hummingbird FIRST FLIGHT'' [TYCY-5311] *1993: ''ハミングバード 太陽と裸'' [TYCY-5316] *1993: ''熱狂の"裸・Eve" Summer Aviation Tour '93'' [TYCY-5337] *1994: ''ハミングバード '94夏 トラ・トラ・トラ!'' [TYCY-5391] *1994: ''ハミングバード外伝"ザッツ・ミュージカル"卯月の反乱~こんな日が来るなんて'' [TYCY-5398] *1995: ''ハミングバードザッピングCD – Vols. 1–5'' [TYCY-5418 – TYCY-5422] *1995: ''ハミングバード 山虎 '95風の唄&夢の場所へ'' [TYCY-5441] *1995: ''さよならハミングバード'' [TYCY-5450] *1995: ''Hummingbird GRAND FINALE at SHIBUYA-Kokaido'' [TYCY-5462/3] *1995: ''Hummingbird SISTERS'' [TYCY-5471]

Angels (1996–1998)

*1997: ''THE SONG FOR SONGS'' [NACL-1274] *1998: ''THE SONG FOR SONGS 2'' [COR-14921]


*''Mitsuishi Kotono · Bukkatsu Shiyo!'' *''Mitsuishi Kotono no Eberu Nights'' **''Mitsuishi Kotono no Eberu Nights II'' *''Stardust Dream''


*''Hakkutsu! Aru Aru Daijiten'' (narrator) *''I Wish You Were Here'' (internet streaming broadcast) *''Koe · Asobu Club'' *''Nandemo Q'' (NHK) (narrator, Urara, multiple other characters) *''Neon Genesis Evangelion'' pachinko and pachinko slots series (Misato Katsuragi) *''Seishun Adventure: Īsha no Fune'' (Īsha no Fune) *''Tatta Hitotsu no Chikyū'' (Otohime) *''Uchi Kuru!?'' (narrator)


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