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KORKAI is a small village in the Srivaikuntam taluk of Thoothukudi district in Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu
, India
. It was called Pandya-Kavada in the Kapatapuram in Kalithogai. It is situated about 3 km north of the Thamirabarani River and about 6 km from the shore of Bay of Bengal . Korkai
was the capital, principal center of trade and important port of the Early Pandyan Kingdom . At that time, it was located on the banks of the Tamraparani River and at the sea coast, forming a natural harbour. Due to excessive sedimentation, the sea has receded about 6 km in the past 2000 years, leaving Korkai
well inland today. The famous urn burial site, Adichanallur , is located about 15 km. from Korkai.

In ancient times, Korkai
was a well known center of pearl fishery; it is mentioned often in the Sangam literature and in classical western literature. Ptolemy
refers to the place as Kolkhai and says that it was an emporium. The _ Periplus _ says that the Pandyan kingdom extended from Comari towards the north, including Korkai, where the pearl fisheries were.

The 2000-year-old 'Vanni' tree is in Korkai.

Correct identification of Korkai
by archaeological excavations came in 1838. The findings of megalithic burial urns at Korkai
indicates that it was fairly well populated during megalithic times. Carbon dating of the artifacts in the area indicates an age of 785 BC. The finds of black and red pottery ware with old