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Kittel is a surname and given name. Notable people with the name include:

Kittel Halvorson (1846–1936), an U.S. Representative from Minnesota Adolf Kittel, Czech middle-distance runner Bertold Kittel (pl) Bruno Kittel (1922–?), Nazi officer Bruno Kittel (conductor) (1870–1948), German violinist and conductor (de) Caspar Kittel (1603–1639), a German composer Charles Kittel (born 1916), American physicist Elżbieta Zawadowska-Kittel (pl) Emmy Kittel
Emmy Kittel
(1878–1930), Czech operatic soprano Eugen Kittel (1859–1946), German engineer (de) Ferdinand Kittel
Ferdinand Kittel
(1832–1903), German priest, missionary and indologist August Wilson
August Wilson
(1945–2005) (born Frederick August Kittel), American playwright Heinrich Kittel
Heinrich Kittel
(1892–1969), German officer Helmuth Kittel (de) (1902–1984), German theologian Hermine Kittel
Hermine Kittel
(1879–1948), Austrian singer Johann Christian Kittel
Johann Christian Kittel
(1732–1809), German composer Kaspar Kittel, the composer also known as Caspar Kittel (see above) Marcel Kittel
Marcel Kittel
(born 1988), German cyclist Marlon Kittel (born 1983), German actor Martin Baldwin Kittel (1796–1885) Nicolaus Kittel (1830s–1870), German-Russian bow maker Otto Kittel (1917–1945), Silesian-German World War II pilot Rudolf Kittel
Rudolf Kittel
(1853–1929), German Old Testament scholar

Gerhard Kittel
Gerhard Kittel
(1888–1948), German Protestant theologian Rudolf Kittel's Biblia Hebraica (BHK)

Jan Bedřich Kittl/Johann Friedrich Kittl Walter Kittel (de) Zygmunt Kittel (pl)

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