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KIRK SMEATON is the most southerly village of the large county of North Yorkshire
North Yorkshire
, England. It is also a civil parish in the Selby district. Historically the village is part of the West Riding of Yorkshire .


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Kirk Smeaton
Kirk Smeaton
and its sister village Little Smeaton face each other across the River Went
River Went
, the most southerly boundary of the Celtic Kingdom of Elmet
. A footbridge links the two, providing both villages with walks to Brockadale and Wentbridge
. The Doncaster / North Yorkshire boundary lies close to the south of the village, and to the east it begins to follow the River Went
River Went
all the way to the River Don . A railway from the Leeds - Doncaster line past Drax Power Station
Drax Power Station
used to run close to the south of the village, with a railway station that opened in 1885 and part of the Hull and Barnsley Railway
Hull and Barnsley Railway
. The station was closed to passengers in 1932, and closed completely in 1959.


A history of Smeaton Church written by Harry Robinson is available. In 1840 Earl Fitzwilliam
Earl Fitzwilliam
donated land for the foundation of Kirk Smeaton CE J">

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