Kipoi (Greek: Κήποι) is a village in Feres municipal unit, Evros regional unit in northeastern Greece. A major motorway border crossing between Greece and Turkey is located here. The town on the Turkish side is İpsala. Kipoi was known as "Bahçeköy" or "Alibeyçiftliği" during Ottoman rule.

Kipoi is located on the right bank of the river Evros which forms the border between Greece and Turkey.

The Kipoi border crossing is the eastern starting/ending point of European route E90 which is also the Greek Motorway A2, known as Egnatia Odos. The motorway connects to Turkish Highway D110.


Coordinates: 40°57′12″N 26°18′24″E / 40.95333°N 26.30667°E / 40.95333; 26.30667