The Info List - Kinjo Gakuin University

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KINJO GAKUIN UNIVERSITY (金城学院大学, Kinjō gakuin daigaku) is a private women\'s university in Moriyama-ku, Nagoya , Aichi Prefecture , Japan. The predecessor of the school was founded in 1889. It was chartered as a university 1949.

Kinjo Gakuin University has 14 undergraduate departments and majors covering a wide range of fields — from human/social science to natural science — and a graduate school in the humanities and in human ecology offering master's and doctoral degrees.


* 1889 Kinjo Girls' School (a private school) established * 1927 Kinjo Girls' Vocational School established * 1947 Under educational system reform, Kinjo Gakuen Junior High School established * 1948 School renamed * 1949 Kinjo Gakuin University (College of English Literature) established * 1954 College of English Literature reorganized to Faculty of Literature * 1962 College of Home Economics (present-day Human Life and Environment) established * 1967 Graduate School of Humanities established * 1996 Graduate School of Human Ecology established * 1997 College of Contemporary Society and Culture established * 2002 College of Human Sciences established * 2005 College of Pharmacy established


* Junior College, Kinjo Gakuin University * Ōmori-Kinjōgakuin-mae Station