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King of Alcatraz
is a 1938 American drama film directed by Robert Florey and starring Gail Patrick.[1]


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Plot[edit] Just as gangster Steve Murkil is escaping from Alcatraz
prison, rival San Francisco
San Francisco
radio operators Ray Grayson and Bob MacArthur find themselves assigned to a freighter run by Captain Glennan, headed out to sea. Among those on board are a new nurse, Dale Borden, and passengers including a young woman and her mother. The younger one is Murkil's moll and the mother is Murkil himself in disguise, making a getaway, with several of his cronies also aboard ship. Ray and Bob both develop a romantic interest in Dale and both end up in confrontations with Murkil. A fight results in Ray being wounded, with Dale receiving radio instructions on how to perform an operation that he immediately needs. Murkil nearly makes his escape until he is shot by Glennan. On shore, Ray and Dale decide to get married, with Bob their best man. Cast[edit]

Gail Patrick
Gail Patrick
as Dale Borden Lloyd Nolan
Lloyd Nolan
as Raymond Grayson Harry Carey as Captain Glennan J. Carrol Naish
J. Carrol Naish
as Steve Murkil Robert Preston as Robert MacArthur Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn
as Lou Gedney Dennis Morgan
Dennis Morgan
as First Mate Rogers (as Richard Stanley) Richard Denning
Richard Denning
as Harry Vay Konstantin Shayne
Konstantin Shayne
as Murok Eddie Marr as Dave Carter Emory Parnell as Olaf Paul Fix
Paul Fix
as 'Nails' Miller Virginia Vale
Virginia Vale
as Dixie (as Dorothy Howe) Monte Blue
Monte Blue
as Officer John Hart as 1st Radio Operator

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Harry Carey filmography


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