Kimberly Dos Ramos De Sousa (born April 15, 1992) is a Venezuelan actress, entertainer, model, dancer and singer. The actress began her career in commercials and promotions on the Venezuelan television station, Radio Caracas Television (RCTV). She then acted in starring roles in telenovelas on RCTV International such as Eugenia Alcoy Del Casal on ''La Trepadora'', and as Karen Montero on ''Que el Cielo Me Explique''. Dos Ramos became well known as a singer when she recorded a soundtrack album for the television series ''La Vida es Maravillosamente Mágica''. She later starred as Matilda Román in the Latin American Nickelodeon television series ''Grachi''. She was a member of ''Grachi: El show en vivo'', a musical tour of ''Grachi'', which traveled to several countries in Latin America.

Early life

Dos Ramos was born in Venezuela to Portuguese people, Portuguese parents on April 15, 1992. She has two brothers, Lance Dos Ramos, an actor and entertainer, and Lenny Dos Ramos, an actor. Dos Ramos became interested in acting at an early age. According to RCTV, Dos Ramos "interacted easily with the world of television," having already been exposed when her brothers went to auditions. As a child, Ramos appeared in various Venezuelan television programs, and at the age of four, she attended her first screen test.


Beginnings, Animation and Acting (2003–2009)

Her first television appearance took place in 2003 on the Radio Caracas Television soap opera ''La Cuaima'' in the supporting role of Bambi Rovaina Cáceres. She later appeared as Juliet on the RCTV soap opera Amor a Palos, a program about love and relationships told from the point of view of four women "who seek with all their might to love and be loved". In 2007, the actress was scheduled to participate in the unreleased independent teen drama Fanatikas, and as Eugenia Alcoy Del Casal in the RCTV soap opera La Merienda. She continued to work with RCTV, appearing in La Trepadora, a 2008 soap opera inspired by Romulo Gallegos’ 1925 book of the same name. In 2009, Dos Ramos continued her work as an animator for the RCTV program "Loco Video Loco."

Que el cielo me explique and Grachi (2010–2012)

In late 2009, the actress returned to acting to play Karen Montero in what would be the last production of RCTV International, ''Que el Cielo Me Explique''. The recordings of the soap opera began in December 2009 but were broadcast from the next year through Televen channel due to the blockage of RCTV in Venezuela. ''Que el cielo me explique'' was positively received from the Venezuelan and foreign audience. After completion of the recordings of ''Que el cielo me explique'', Dos Ramos had several units in different auditions for the cast of Grachi, a new youth television series for Nickelodeon Latin America. Dos Ramos landed the role of the main villain, Roman Matilda, "a girl who uses her powers for evil, [...] wealthy, spoiled and capricious, who also likes to sing and dance". In ''Grachi,'' Dos Ramos shares lead roles with her brother, Lance Dos Ramos, who plays José Manuel "Chema" Esquivel. Dos Ramos also participated in castings for the American adaptation of the Spanish telenovela Física o química, but was not selected. As part of the cast of ''Grachi'', Dos Ramos recorded an album of soundtrack for the telenovela, titled ''Grachi: La vida es maravillosamente mágica''. The album debuted at number twenty in the ranking of best-selling albums in Mexico and at number four in Argentina, where it remained for thirteen weeks. Dos Ramos has participated in several promotional tours throughout Latin America with the main cast. From February 10, 2012, Dos Ramos, along with the rest of the cast of'' Grachi,'' began a tour of a musical based on the novela called Grachi: The Live Show. The live show was a commercial success, and positively received by the audience and critics. The second season of'' Grachi'' premiered on February 27, 2012 on Nickelodeon Latin America. In mid-April 2012, Dos Ramos traveled to Rome, Italy with the cast of ''Grachi'' to promote the second season.

Artistic Growth and ''El Rostro de la Venganza'' (2012–2014)

''Grachi'' was confirmed for a third season, with Dos Ramos reprising her role. The third season was scheduled to premiere on Nickelodeon Latin America in 2013. However, on June 20, 2012, it was announced that Dos Ramos was cast in ''El Rostro de la Venganza'', a new Telemundo telenovela filmed in Miami. Dos Ramos confirmed via Twitter that she would not participate in the third season of ''Grachi''. ''El Rostro de la Venganza'' was released on July 30, 2012 in the United States on Telemundo, and the Latin American Media praised Dos Ramos' performance. In November 2012, it was announced that Dos Ramos would star in a new soap opera entitled ''La magia del amor'', along with her brother Lance Dos Ramos and her ''Grachi'' co-stars Catherine Fulop, Fernando Carrillo (actor), Fernando Carrillo and Andres Mercado. In late January 2013, an online trailer of the novel was released and then promoted on January 29 of that year at the World's Fair sale, which distributes network programs. Initially, it was announced that it would be a drama of 120 episodes, then a short miniseries, due to Catherine Fulop's other commitments in Argentina. It was finally announced to be a drama of 103 episodes. In January 2013, it was announced that Dos Ramos would be part of the main cast of the upcoming Telemundo telenovela called ''Marido En Alquiler''. The telenovela premiered on July 10, 2013 on Telemundo. In 2014 and 2015, she participated in the telenovela as the main protagonist Tierra De Reyes along with Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco.

Vino El Amor, Por Amar Sin Ley, and other projects (2016-2018)

In 2016, she was cast as the protagonist of ¿Quién Es Quién?, a Telemundo telenovela, along with Danna Paola and Eugenio Siller. In 2016 and 2017, she starred in her first telenovela for Televisa on Univision Vino el Amor, where she portrays an antagonist along with Christian De La Campa and Azela Robinson who stars as her mother, along with the protagonists Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva. In 2018, she took up a guest star role in the telenovela Por amar sin ley before taking up a main role in the second season as a lawyer with the other protagonists.

Por Amar sin Ley second season, Rubi, participating in Televisa and Univision Channel (2019-present)

Dos Ramos was cast in the second season of Por amar sin ley as the main protagonist Sofía Alcasar, starring alongside David Zepeda, Ana Brenda Contreras and Julián Gil, Julian Gil. Filming for the second season commenced on June 11, 2018 and it premiered on March 3, 2019. On 7 February 2020, producer José Alberto Castro confirmed that the series had been renewed for a third season. In July 2019, W Studios and Lemon Films began development on a new remake of the 2004 hit Mexican drama Rubí, with Carlos Bardasano as producer. The filming of the series officially began on July 20, 2019, and concluded at the beginning of October 2019 in Madrid. Dos Ramos plays the role of Maribel de la Fuente, Rubí's best friend and Héctor's ex-fiancée.

Reception and personal life

Dos Ramos is considered to be an "talented and beautiful" actress, and People Magazine highlights her "natural beauty, charm, and her sculptural body". Dos Ramos received the title of "teen idol" for her performance as Matilda in ''Grachi''. Dos Ramos's fans are called "Kimysta[s]". Dos Ramos has expressed a desire to study business and to have a career working with numbers. According to Dos Ramos, her family is very important in her career because "without their support, I would not be here right now. My mom is always with me in all recordings, her companionship is fundamental". Dos Ramos also admits to being a perfectionism (psychology), perfectionist. Her favourite food is pasta and she loves "all kinds of music". Kimberly has received two nominations in consecutive years (2011 and 2012), and four in total, as "Despicable" in the Nickelodeon Latin America Kids Choice awards in Kids Choice Awards Mexico, Mexico and Kid's Choice Awards Argentina, Argentina, as well as a nomination as "Gata do Ano" (girl of the year) in Brazil. Currently, Kimberly is studying Business Administration and says she is single.


Dos Ramos' major influences in her career are the actors Daniela Alvarado, Emma Rabe, Emma Rabbe, Diego Boneta, Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman, Thalía, Thalia, Edgar Ramírez and Saúl Lisazo.



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