Kimberly Dos Ramos De Sousa[1] (born April 15, 1992) is an actress, entertainer, model, and singer from Venezuela.[1] The actress began her career in commercials and promotions on the Venezuelan television station Radio Caracas Television (RCTV com abbreviated acronym),.[2] She then acted in telenovelas in starring roles on RCTV International[2] such as "Eugenia Alcoy Del Casal" on La Trepadora, and as "Karen Montero" on Que el Cielo Me Explique. She was later known throughout all of Latin America as "Matilda Roman" in the Nickelodeon television series Grachi with her best friend Maria Gabriela de faria.[3]

Kimberly became well known as a singer when she recorded a soundtrack album for the television series La Vida es Maravillosamente Mágica. She also reached an idol status for her outstanding acting in her Grachi role. Kimberly was a member of Grachi: El show en vivo, a musical tour ofGrachi, that traveled to several countries in Latin America.[4][5]

Early life

Dos Ramos was born in Venezuela, of Portuguese parents, the April 15, 1992.[2] She has two brothers, Lance Dos Ramos, actor and entertainer of Venezuela, and Lenny Dos Ramos, also an actor.[6][7] From an early age, Dos Ramos presented interest in acting.[2] According to RCTV, the younger sister be allowed to "interact easily with the world of television, as her brothers used to go to auditions'. Since childhood, her parents took her two older brothers auditions for television commercials, and when she grew up were asked to participate in a casting for "her [own] mind".[8] Two small Ramos had several appearances in various television programs in Venezuela.[1] But, she says, at the age of four years was when she "attended her first test with the optical lens".[2] She worked succeroles, until he came to RCTV International.[1] According to Dos Ramos, initially it was difficult to break into television:

«At the beginning it was a bit difficult because I started very small, but as the time one gets used to putting things in the balance until you spend the necessary time to study the family and the action»

— Kimberly Dos Ramos[2]


Beginnings, animation and acting (2003–2009)

Her "first" appearance was in 2003 on the soap opera of Radio Caracas Television, La Cuaima, playing "Bambi Rovaina Cáceres," a supporting role in the telenovela.[8] According to Dos Ramos, that role was "the first dramatic hit acting capacity ".[2] Later, she had an appearance on the soap opera Amor a Palos RCTV – where she played Juliet – a program that is about love and relationship, from the point of view of four women" who seek with all their might love and be loved ".[9][10] August 7 Dos Ramos in 2007 as an entertainer ventured into space RCTV child, La Merienda, where he said he feels the channel as his" second home ". agreed with El Universal, actress was scheduled to participate in the same year "a teen drama independent national production" on "Fanatikas" but never produced. In 2008, actress is Eugenia Alcoy Del Casal RCTV in the soap opera, La Trepadora, a soap opera inspired by the work of the same name written by Romulo Gallegos in 1925. In 2009, Dos Ramos continued his work as an animator in the program Loco Video Loco RCTV International, where for two months was only agreeing with actress she could provide more laughter and more fun than what the program already has. I want people to feel comfortable and have fun seeing him more than necessary, "also said that when Loco Video Loco finished work on a novela. However, Dos Ramos had a" new challenge [of animation] "in a "spectacle that brings together more than forty youths, girls and boys, with a mission to determine the most passionate couple in this field after a thorough preparation and evaluation system" American Model Venezuela was the title of the project, where Dos Ramos was the host of the live show, which started on August 17, 2009 and ended on September 2nd of that year in Caracas, Venezuela.Kimberly Dos Ramos has a best friend Kimberly Maja they met in Mexico 2015

Que el cielo me explique and Grachi (2010–2012)

In late 2009, the actress returned to acting to play Karen Montero in what would be the last production of RCTV International, Que el Cielo Me Explique.[11] The recordings of the soap opera began in December 2009, but was broadcast from next year through Televen channel, due to blockage of RCTV in Venezuela.[12]Que el cielo me explique heaven was positively received from the Venezuelan and foreign audience.[13] After completion of the recordings of Que el cielo me explique, Dos Ramos had several units in different auditions for the cast of a new youth television series for Nickelodeon Latin America.[3] Then, at the annual conference of the "National Association of Television Programming Executives' was announced the cast of the production, which was entitled "Grachi", a series of fantasy and adventure.[3][14] The actress landed the role of the main villain, 'Roman Matilda, "a girl who" uses his powers for evil, [...] wealthy, spoiled and capricious, which also likes to sing and dance ".[15] The series was produced by Nickelodeon Latin America, created by Mariela Romero, starring Isabella Castillo, Andres Mercado and Dos Ramos focused on Isabella Castillo as "Graciela" Grachi "Alonso", a girl with magical powers who moves to a new city where he meets his' love at first sight "and Matilda, his enemy witch.[16]

The production of the first season begins in February 2011.[17] The soap opera aired from May 2, 2011 by Nickelodeon Latin America in all Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America, receiving high critical acclaim.[3][18]Grachi achieved in its opening day in the country of Mexico a total of 10.7 points in audience rating and ranked as number one in its opening hours.[19]

Dos Ramos in an autograph signing at Bogotá, Colombia.

Successfully debuted Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia.[20] The premiere of Grachi became the most watched in the history of the original productions for Nickelodeon Latin America and the magazine named the series "increasingly seen the soap opera".[21] The May 24, 2011, it was confirmed that by the high ratings, Grachi, would have 50 episodes.[20] But later it was confirmed that the 50 additional episodes would be part of Season.[22] The August 15, 2011 the website "The Teen Gossip" revealed that hearing the high points recorded by the first season of the series, Nickelodeon Latin America decided to add 25 more episodes to the second season.[23] In Grachi, Dos Ramos shares lead roles with his brother Lance Dos Ramos as "José Manuel" Chema "Esquivel ".[3][8] Dos Ramos also participated in castings for the American adaptation of the Spanish telenovela Física o química, but was not selected.[24] As part of the cast of Grachi Dos Ramos recorded an album of soundtrack for the telenovela, titled Grachi: La vida es maravillosamente mágica.[25] The successful album debuted at number twenty in the ranking of best-selling albums Mexico where he remained for thirteen weeks and at number four in Argentina.[26][27] Dos Ramos has participated in several promotional tours with the main cast of the soap opera by several Latin American countries. From February 10 of 2012, Dos Ramos with the cast of Grachi began a lecture tour of the musical based on the novel "Grachi: The Live Show. "[28] Se tiene previsto que la gira recorra varios países de Latinoamérica.[28][29] The live show has been a commercial success, and has been positively received by the audience and critics.[30][31][32] The second season of Grachi premiered on February 27 of 2012 to Nickelodeon Latin America.[33][34]

In mid-April 2012 Dos Ramos traveled to Rome, Italy together with the cast of Grachi to promote the second season series, where they were received positively.[35]

Artistic Growth and El Rostro de la Venganza (2012-present)

Dos Ramos In an interview for ¿Quién es quién? in 2016

Grachi The second season was a resounding success, and was confirmed for a third season with the participation of Kimberly.[36][37] The third season is scheduled to premiere on Nickelodeon Latin America in 2013.[37] However, on June 20, 2012 it was announced that Dos Ramos would be amongst the cast of El Rostro de la Venganza, a new Telemundo telenovela filmed in Miami.[38][39]"For this reason it is likely that Kimberly will no longer be in the third season of Grachi, which starts recording in August and will be released in 2013," he wrote a website.[38] Dos Ramos confirmed via Twitter that he would not participate in the third season of Grachi.[40]

El Rostro de la Venganza was released on July 30, 2012 in the United States on Telemundo,[41][42] and Dos Ramos received a positive reception on his character the media in Latin America.[43][44][45] She said during the presentation of the soap to the media that: "I am very excited and happy with this new opportunity provided to me to add my talent Telemundo in El Rostro de la Venganza. Since I received the script my character captivated me, the story is very well developed and shaped by a great cast. It is the first time working for Telemundo, I have received at home".[43] In an interview, Kimberly admitted he has several interesting projects on hand, but prefer not to give details of them until they are realized, "many good things come soon know," he promised the actress.[39]

In November 2012, it was announced that Dos Ramos star in a new soap opera, entitled La magia del amor, along with his brother Lance Dos Ramos, and the actors Catherine Fulop, Fernando Carrillo and Andres Mercado, who participle in Grachi.[46][47] In late January 2013, was published online demo of the novel, which was filed on January 29 of that year at the World's Fair sale and distribution of programs and soap operas.[48][49][50] Initially, it was announced that it would be a novel of 120 chapters,[51] then presumably it would be a short miniseries for several commitments Catherine Fulop in Argentina,[50] later, they again said it would be a novel, but of 103 chapters.[52]

In January 2013, it was announced that Dos Ramos would be part of the main cast of the upcoming telenovela Telemundo, entitled Marido En Alquiler.[53] The premiere of this project, will have its grand opening on July 10, 2013 in Telemundo.[54] In 2014-2015 she participed in the telenovela as the main protagonist tierra de reyes along with Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco for Telemundo. In 2016 she participated as the protagonist of another telenovela for Telemundo ¿Quién es quién? along with Danna Paola and Eugenio Siller. In 2016-2017 she participated in her first telenovela for Televisa on univision Vino el amor. Where she portrays the main antagonist along with Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva.

Public image and personal life

Dos Ramos is considered as an actress "talented and beautiful" and it highlights its "natural beauty, charm, and her sculptural body".[43] Also, agreeing with People magazine, Dos Ramos received the title of "teen idol" for her performance as Matilda in Grachi.[55] According to Dos Ramos, her talent for acting is "innate" as "never attended a course in theater or acting classes ', however' participation has been remarkable in novels and as a cheerleader".[2][8] Dos Ramos's fans are called "Kimysta [s]", name recognized to have thousands of clubs fans around the world.[56] Dos Ramos also admitted she would like to study business and explained: "Everybody says hey, why dont you study Social Communication?, But the truth is that I like numbers so much that Id have always wanted to study A career related with number, so when I get to start my own business I will know how to administered ".[2] According to Dos Ramos family is very important in her career because "without their support i would not be here right now. My mom is always with me in all recordings, her companionship is fundamental".[2] she says about her brothers, she continues to have a great relationship with them".[2] The actress also admits to being a perfectionist, funny, successful, loves to sleep, is very loose, her favorite food is pasta and says she loves "all kinds of music".[2] When asked about the Christmas and the time of year, Dos Ramos said that "it is the month of love, marriage, family, to celebrate, to eat".[57] Also said saying, "I remember Santa Claus was always very splendid me. He gave me a house of [the] Barbie skates [the] Barbie and much roses, lots of music, because I love to dance and sing.[57] Kimberly has received two nominations consecutive years (four in all, in 2011 and 2012) as "Despicable" in awards Nickelodeon Latin America, Kids Choice, in their editions of Mexico and Argentina, as well as a nomination for Nick Prêmios Meus Brazil as "Gata do Ano" (girl of the year).[43][58] Currently, Kimberly is studying Business Administration and says she has no partner.[59]


The major influences for action Dos Ramos are the actors Daniela Alvarado, Emma Rabbe, Diego Boneta, Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman, Thalia, Edgar Ramírez y Saúl Lisazo.[2][59]



Year Title Role Notes
2015 Los Ocho Diana Short film

Television roles

Year Title Role Notes
1997 Todo por tu amor
1997 Destino de mujer
1999 Cuando hay pasión Uncredited
2000 Hechizo de amor Martica Sánchez
2001 Más que amor, frenesí Anastasia "Taty" Lara Fajardo
2002 Las González Petunia Piña González
2003 La Cuaima Bambi Cáceres Rovaina
2005 Amor a palos Julieta Soriano
2008 La Trepadora Eugenia Alcoy Del Casal
2010 Que el cielo me explique Karen Montero
2011–2012 Grachi Matilda / Minerva Main role; 155 episodes
2012–2013 El rostro de la venganza Katerina Alvarado Recurring role
2013 Marido en alquiler Patricia Ibarra Palmer Main role
2014–2015 Tierra de reyes Irina del Junco Main role;
2015–2016 ¿Quién es quién? Fernanda Manrique / Isabella Blanco Main role/Main Antagonist
2016–2017 Vino el amor Graciela Palacios Main Antagonist

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Telenovela Result
2011 Kids Choice Awards México Best Villain Favorite Grachi Nominated[60][61]
Kids' Choice Awards Argentina Nominated[62][63]
2012 Los Premios el Universo del Espectáculo TV - Best performance youth Que el Cielo Me Explique Nominated[64][65]
Kids Choice Awards México Best Villain Favorite Grachi Nominated[66]
Kids' Choice Awards Argentina Nominated[67][68]
Meus Prêmios Nick Brasil Girl of the Year Nominated[69]
Twitter Awards Miss Tweet Herself Nominated[70][71]
2013 Miami Life Awards TV - Best soap opera actress El Rostro de la Venganza Won[72][73]
Premios Tu Mundo 2013 Best Supporting Actress Won[74]
Premios People en Español New Talents Marido En Alquiler Nominated
2015 Miami Life Awards Best Young Actress in a Telenovela Tierra de reyes Won[75]
Premios Tu Mundo I'm Sexy and I Know it Won[76]


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