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Kim Kkobbi (Korean: 김꽃비; born November 24, 1985) is a South Korean actress. The syllables of her first name literally means "flower" (Hangul: 꽃; RR: kkot) and "rain" (Hangul: 비; RR: bi).[1]


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Career[edit] Kim Kkobbi was working as an extra on the 2001 film My Boss, My Hero when a staffer spotted her and asked her to audition for Jealousy Is My Middle Name. Thus began her acting career, though for many years she was relegated to bit parts. Instead she focused on gaining experience in the indie film scene.[2] Kim had her breakthrough in 2009 when she starred opposite actor-director Yang Ik-june
Yang Ik-june
in the gritty, low-budget drama Breathless.[3][4][5] The film won critical acclaim both at home and abroad, receiving more than 20 awards from the international festival circuit, and attracting audiences to theaters in numbers unprecedented for an indie film.[6] Kim was widely praised for her portrayal of a spunky high school girl with an abusive past who bonds with a neighborhood thug, earning her a Best Actress
award from the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival,[7] Best New Actress
honors from the Blue Dragon Film Awards and Grand Bell Awards,[8][9] and a Best Supporting Actress
nomination from the Asian Film Awards. Kim's other notable films include the vacation island mystery Magic and Loss,[10] the lesbian romance Ashamed (also known as Life is Peachy),[11][12][13] the dark and violent animated film The King of Pigs,[14][15] and Myselves: The Actress
No Make-Up Project, for which she and two other indie actresses filmed themselves using camcorders to document their lives, struggles and dreams.[16] In 2014 she played the leading role in the Japanese horror film A Record of Sweet Murder.[17] Filmography[edit]

Year Title Role Notes

2001 My Boss, My Hero

2002 Saving My Hubby

2003 Jealousy Is My Middle Name Han Mi-rim, editor's daughter

2005 My Boyfriend Is Type B High school student 2

This Charming Girl young Jeong-hae

Blossom Again Female student at private institute 2

Bystanders: Diary of June young Yoon-hee

Friendly and Harmonious So-yeon

2006 Family Ties Regular student customer at food stall 1

The City of Violence Razor-wielding high school girl

Midnight Ballad for Ghost Theater So-dan/Bottom four also credited as sound department crew

Not a Girl Yoon-mi short film

2008 The Pit and the Pendulum Woman at the fruit farm

Close to You

short film

The Hole

short film

2009 Why Did You Come to My House? Sister-in-law 3

Breathless Yeon-hee

A Green Goodbye: She & Her Mobile Girl

2010 Now I'll Be Brave Kim Kkobbi

Ghost (Be With Me) Nam-hee segment: "Tarot 2. Attached"[18]

Magic and Loss

Handstand in Space

short film

2011 Where the Lights Shine Low

short film

Be My Guest Daughter

The House Ga-yeong (voice) animated film

The King of Pigs young Jung Jong-suk/ noraebang employee (voice) animated film

Is There Anybody Out There? Woman short film

TV Literature "Blazing Sonata" Jo Ye-ri television (KBS1)[19]

Life is Peachy Kang Ji-woo

2012 Myselves: The Actress
No Make-Up Project Herself Documentary; also credited as director, screenwriter and cinematographer

The Time Vanished

short film

2013 The Sunshine Boys Mi-yeon

Jury Audience member 1

It's a Beautiful Day Ah-joong

A Pale Woman Kim

Pluto Jung Soo-jin

Rough Play Jeonju International Film Festival VIP

2014 Kundo: Age of the Rampant Jung-shim

Taste in Guys

short film

A Record of Sweet Murder Journalist Kim So-yeon

A Dangerous Woman Bo-kyung short film


Year Title Role

1997 Cape Nino

2002 Beautiful Sign

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result

2002 Youth Performing Arts Festival Best Actress

Beautiful Sign


2009 10th Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival Best Actress



2nd Korea Junior Star Awards Best Newcomer, Movie category Won

7th Pan Pacific Film Festival Best Actress Won

46th Grand Bell Awards Best New Actress Won

30th Blue Dragon Film Awards Best New Actress Won

2010 4th Asian Film Awards Best Supporting Actress Nominated

46th Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actress Nominated


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