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Kim Hyŏng-jik (10 July 1894 – 5 June 1926) was a Korean independence activist. He was the father of North Korean founder Kim Il-sung, grandfather of Kim Jong-il, and great-grandfather of the current leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. Biography[edit] Little is known about Kim. Born on 10 July 1894,[1] in the small village of Mangyungdai, situated atop a peak called "Mungyungbong" ("All-Seeing Peak") just 12 kilometers downstream on the Diadong River from Pyongyang, Kim was the son of Kim Bo-hyon (金輔鉉, 1871–1955).[2][3] Kim attended Sungshil School, which was run by American missionaries, and became a teacher and later an herbal pharmacist. He died as a result of numerous medical problems, including third-degree frostbite. Kim and his wife attended Christian
churches,[4] and Kim even served as a part-time Protestant
missionary.[5] It was reported that his son, Kim Il-sung, attended church services during his teenage years before becoming an atheist later in life.[4] Kim Il-sung
Kim Il-sung
often spoke of his father's idea of chiwŏn (righteous aspirations). Kim Jong-il's official government biography states that his grandfather was "the leader of the anti-Japanese national liberation movement and was a pioneer in shifting the direction from the nationalist movement to the communist movement in Korea".[citation needed] This is widely disputed among foreign academics and independent sources, who claim that Kim's opposition was little more than general grievances with life under Japanese occupation.[citation needed] Kim Il-sung
Kim Il-sung
claimed his ancestors, including his grandfather Kim Bo-hyon and great-grandfather Kim Ung-u (1848–1878), were involved in the General Sherman incident, but this is also disputed and believed to be a fabrication.

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Select[α] family tree of North Korea's ruling[β] Kim family[γ][δ][ε]

Kim Bo-hyon 1871–1955

Kim Hyong-jik 1894–1926

Kang Pan-sok 1892–1932

Kim Jong-suk 1919[ζ]–1949

Kim Il-sung 1912–1994

Kim Song-ae 1924–2014

Kim Yong-ju 1920–

Kim Young-sook 1947–

Song Hye-rim 1937–2002

Kim Jong-il 1941[ζ]–2011

Ko Yong-hui 1952–2004

Kim Ok 1964–

Kim Kyong-hui 1946–

Jang Song-thaek 1946–2013

Kim Pyong-il 1954–

Kim Sol-song 1974–

Kim Jong-nam 1971–2017

Kim Jong-chul 1981–

Kim Jong-un 1984–

Ri Sol-ju c. 1986–

Kim Yo-jong 1987–

Kim Han-sol 1995–

Kim Ju-ae c. 2012[ζ]–


^ To keep the tree of manageable size, it omits some members, e. g., brothers and sisters of Kim Jong-il. ^ Names of Supreme Leaders of the DPRK (and the name of the article being viewed, if any) are in bold font. ^ Korean names often have a variety of transliterations into English, which can be confusing. For example, "Kim Jong-chul" may also be written "Gim Jeong-cheol" or "Kim Jŏng-ch'ŏl" among many other variations. See Korean romanization
Korean romanization
for more information. ^ Huss, Kan; Frost, Clay. "North Korea's First Family: Mapping the personal and political drama of the Kim clan". msnbc.com. Retrieved 20 January 2013.  (Confirms many, but not all, of the birth and death years. See individual articles for more references.) ^ Yan, Holly (16 February 2017). "The world's most mysterious family tree: Kim Jong Un's secretive dynasty is full of drama, death". Design by Alberto Mier. CNN. Retrieved 16 February 2017.  ^ a b c Official biographies of Kim Jong-suk
Kim Jong-suk
and Kim Jong-il
Kim Jong-il
give birth years of 1917 and 1942, respectively. Kim Ju-ae may have been born in late 2012 or early 2013.


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^ Baik Bpong, Kim Il Sung, Volume I: From Birth to the Triumphant Return to the Homeland (Dar al-Talia Publishers: Beirut Lebanon, 1973) p. 19. ^ Hyung-chan Kim (2003). "Kim Jong Il's North Korea
and Its Survivability". Korea
and World Affairs. Korea: Pʻyŏnghwa Tʻongil Yŏnʼguso. 27: 251. ISSN 0251-3072. OCLC 3860590. One also has to accept the existence of Kim Bo-hyeon (1871–1955), Kim Il-sung's grandfather, who participated in anti-Japanese activities.  ^ Gourevitch, Philip (September 8, 2003). "Alone in the dark". The New Yorker. Archived from the original on December 30, 2013.  ^ a b "Kim Il Sung killer file". Moreorless : Heroes and killers of the 20th century. Archived from the original on 2005-12-05.  ^ Lankov, Andrei (2011-08-17). "Kim Il-sung: disastrous founder of communist N. Korea". Korea
Times. Retrieved 2016-08-02. 

Further reading[edit]

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Kim dynasty of North Korea

Kim Il-sung
Kim Il-sung
(1912–1994) Kim Jong-il
Kim Jong-il
(1941–2011) Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un

1st generation

Kim Hyong-jik
Kim Hyong-jik
(Kim Il-sung's father) Kang Pan-sok
Kang Pan-sok
(Kim Il-sung's mother)

2nd generation

Kim Jong-suk
Kim Jong-suk
(Kim Il-sung's first wife, Jong-il's mother) Kim Yong-ju (Kim Il-sung's brother) Kim Song-ae (Kim Il-sung's second wife)

3rd generation

Hong Il-chon (Kim Jong-il's first wife, divorced) Song Hye-rim (Kim Jong-il's first mistress) Kim Man-il (Kim Jong-il's brother) Jang Song-thaek
Jang Song-thaek
(Kim Jong-il's brother-in-law) Kim Kyong-hui
Kim Kyong-hui
(Kim Jong-il's sister) Kim Young-sook (Kim Jong-il's wife) Ko Yong-hui
Ko Yong-hui
(Kim Jong-il's second mistress, Jong-un's mother) Kim Pyong-il
Kim Pyong-il
(Kim Jong-il's half-brother) Kim Ok
Kim Ok
(Kim Jong-il's third mistress)

4th generation

Kim Yo-jong
Kim Yo-jong
(Kim Jong-un's sister) Kim Jong-chul (Kim Jong-un's brother) Kim Sul-song (Kim Jong-un's half-sister) Kim Jong-nam
Kim Jong-nam
(Kim Jong-un's half-brother) Ri Sol-ju (Kim Jong-un's wife)

5th generation

Kim Ju-ae (Kim Jong-un's daughter) Kim Han-sol (Kim Jong-nam's son)

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