Kilamba Kiaxi is one of the six urban districts that make up the municipality of Luanda, in the province of Luanda, Angola's capital.

Kilamba Kiaxi has 64.1 square kilometers and about 234,000 inhabitants. In the west it borders Maianga, to the east it borders the municipalities of Cazenga, Rangel and the town of Viana. In the south to the town of Samba. It includes the communes of Kilamba Kiaxi, Neves Bendinha, Golf, Palanca

In the Kimbundu language the name means Land (Kiaxi) of Kilamba.

Coordinates: 8°50′55″S 13°16′30″E / 8.84861°S 13.27500°E / -8.84861; 13.27500

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