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METAL ARMOR DRAGONAR (機甲戦記ドラグナー, Kikō Senki Doragunā) is a 48-episode mecha anime series, created by Sunrise and aired from 1987 to 1988. Devised shortly after the release of Mobile Suit Gundam
ZZ , Dragonar was intended to be both a "starter" series to get new fans into mecha anime, and a potential successor to the Gundam
franchise. In fact, its concept is to be the renewal of the first Gundam. Though the series enjoyed good ratings and earned a loyal fan following, it failed to surpass Gundam
and ended up as a single series, probably due to its light, ZZ Gundam-like take on the real robot mecha genre. Game developer Banpresto
had Dragonar appear in two of its popular franchises, Super Robot Wars
Super Robot Wars
and Another Century\'s Episode ; fans responded positively, and Sunrise acknowledged them in 2005 by releasing a memorial DVD
collection of the series, a remastered version of the previous two-part LD boxset releases years before.


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Dragonar takes place in the year 2087 AD, when a military force called the United Lunar Empire Gigano has risen and captured the Moon . Their stated goal is the rebirth of mankind, but their primary intention by some of its members is the destruction of all those who dwell on Earth. To this end, the Empire uses humanoid battle machines called Metal Armors, as well as a gigantic mass driver cannon. Originally intended to send lunar material to Earth orbit for later retrieval, the Mass driver
Mass driver
is reconfigured to launch small meteorites towards the home world. By the time the story takes place many bombardments have already taken place. The Earth Alliance became Earth Federation military , unable to compete with the Giganos military might, manages to steal three prototype Metal Armors with plans to reverse-engineer them with the help of exiled Giganos scientists. However, the ship carrying the Dragonars (posing as a refugee ship) is chased to a neutral colony by Giganos, and an attack is staged to retrieve them. Kaine, Tapp and Light, three friends and EFM trainees, are on the colony during the attack, and find a dying Giganos spy who gives them three disks. Chased by Giganos' weapons, the trio enters the colony's dock and finds the Dragonars. Using the disks, they activate the machines and use them to protect the colony. However, since the Dragonars are keyed to only be operable by their initial user, the three friends find themselves forced to become the Earth Alliance military's first Metal Armor pilots, and it becomes the earth federation during the war faced against the advanced technology and veterans of the Giganos forces


Kaine Wakaba "> MAFFU-09 Falguen

MEIO PLATO - Giganos' top ace pilot, nicknamed the Blue Hawk (蒼き鷹, Aoki Taka). He gained fame piloting the Falguen and is fiercely loyal to Guiltorre. His father Lang Plato is the engineer who helped develop the Dragonars, and he has a younger sister, Linda, who opposes the war. Despite his calm nature and popularity with younger pilots, he is repeatedly looked down on by his superiors for failing to capture the Dragonars and begins to chaffe under Dorchenov's command, eventually being framed for murder of Guiltorre by Dorchenov. In the end, he and Kaine set aside their differences and defeat Dorchenov by exploiting Dorchenov's machine's weakness and attacking with a volley of missiles and finished by a combination attack using their beam swords (which was recognised and implemented into Super Robot Wars). He is very much an homage to Char Aznable
Char Aznable
from Gundam. Voiced by Jūrōta Kosugi

DAN KRUGER Practice Squad member. Fiercely loyal to Meio Plato. Out of the Plato Squad Members, he is the only one to die, which happens while he protects Meio and the rest of the squadron from enemy fire as the rest escape to cover while their sensors were damaged earlier.

WELNER FRITZ Practice Squad member. Fiercely loyal to Meio Plato.

KARL GEINER Practice Squad member. Fiercely loyal to Meio Plato.

MARSHAL GUILTORRE The supreme commander of Giganos. Though he declares war on the Earth Federation, he truly treasures the Earth for its beauty, eventually questioning himself whether declaring war was really the right option, moments before he was murdered by Dorchenov.

CHEPHOV Giganos Lt. stationed on an abandoned satellite, who captured the three Dragonar but then began to train and befriend them. Shot by Meio Plato for refusing Guiltorre's orders that the Dragonar pilots be taken into his custody. Given a funeral ceremony by Kaine, Tapp, and Light.

GON JEM Leader of the "Gon Jem Shittenoh" platoon and pilot of the YAMA-13 Geyzam, and later the YGMA-14 Gilgazamune. Ridiculed with the nickname of "Garbage of Giganos". Despite his infamy, he respects and values his subordinates Gold, Ganan, Zin and Min to the point of swearing revenge against the Dragonar Team for the death of the first three.

LEE SUE MIN Gon Jem Shittenoh member, and pilot of the Stark Deins. Eventually joins Meio Plato's platoon when fighting against Dorchenov. Her machine is best known for the chainsaws attached onto the arms, which makes her a deadly opponent when close-up.

GOL Gon Jem Shittenoh member, and pilot of the Stark Gewei. He is usually seen carrying a chaingun and is prone to fire it at random during fits of rage. Because of his savage nature, low level of intellect and size, he is nicknamed "Gorilla", something that he hates being called.

GANAN Gon Jem Shittenoh member, and pilot of the Stark Gan-Dolla. He is known for carrying a knife (or more) wherever he goes. His last words are a cry for help after Kaine slashes his unit in half with his laser sword, which destroys the robot unit and sends the motorcycle unit, with Ganan on board, crashing into a cliff, killing him instantly.

ZIN Gon Jem Shittenoh member, and pilot of the Stark Dauzhen. The womanizer and somewhat more civilized one of the group. His weapon of choice is a pair of Sai. Zin's machine's unique attribute is the ability to generate holograms of itself to confuse the opponent, though it can be negated by D-3's jammers.



DORCHENOV - Dorchenov is an ambitious officer of Giganos who, while not seen much early on, becomes the main villain of the series when he wages a coup d'état of the Empire and assassinates Guiltorre, and putting the blame on Giganos ace Meio Plato who also happens to be at the scene. Though mostly a political figure in Giganos, he is just as capable as a pilot in a Metal Armor.








Opening themes

* "Dream-Colored Chaser" (夢色チェイサー, Yume-Iro Cheisā) (episodes #1–26) Performed by Mami Ayukawa Music by Kyōhei Tsutsumi Lyrics by Machiko Ryū Arrangement by Shirō Sagisu * "Starlight Serenade" (スターライト・セレナーデ, Sutāraito Serenāde) (episodes #27–48) Performed by Mami Yamase Music by Daisuke Inōe Lyrics by Yukinojō Mori Arrangement by Kazuo Ōtani

Ending themes

* "Searching for an Illusion (イリュージョンをさがして, Iryūjon wo Sagashite) (episodes #1–26) Performed by Mami Ayukawa Music by Kōji Makaino Lyrics by Machiko Ryū Arrangement by Shirō Sagisu * "Shiny Boy" (episodes #27–48) Performed by Mami Yamase Music by Daisuke Inōe Lyrics by Yukinojō Mori Arrangement by Kazuo Ōtani


Though it has no dedicated games, Dragonar has appeared in several related games. Its earliest known appearance is in the PlayStation game developed by Banpresto
titled "Real Robots Final Attack", which is a Third-Person VS Shooter similar to Sega's Virtual-On series. Later, the series appeared in the 2001 game Super Robot Wars
Super Robot Wars
Advance, in which Kaine and friends were (unwillingly) mentored first by Gundam Wing 's Lucrezia Noin , then later by Gundam
0083 's South Burning . The series would later appear in the 2004 game Super Robot Wars
Super Robot Wars
MX , where Giganos took center stage as the primary Real Robot antagonists, even usurping the Titans and Neo-Zeon from the so-called "Holy Trinity of Gundam" (Zeta , Double-Zeta , and Char\'s Counterattack ). A late 2004 release saw Dragonar in Super Robot Wars
Super Robot Wars
GC/XO , using Giganos as an ally to Zeon, with the Dragonar storyline being closely tied in with the original Mobile Suit Gundam
; upon being disabled (i.e. having their head and limbs destroyed and their body crippled), mass-produced Giganos units can be captured by the player's mothership, and then be sold for money, broken down for money and parts, or assigned to any pilot from the series. Dragonar's next video game appearance was in the 2005 game Another Century\'s Episode , a 3D action game produced by the team of Banpresto
and FromSoftware . The game allowed players to control the D-1, D-2, D-3 and, surprisingly, the Gilgazamune, but not the Falguen. The year 2006 brings about Another Century\'s Episode 2 , which features the Custom versions of the Dragonars, as well as the ability to use Meio's Falguen MAFFU and Min's Stark Dyne, as well as Gon Jem's Gilgazamune from the first game. And they are still in part in the Another Century\'s Episode 3 . Although the original type of D-1, D-2, and D-3 are gone, Meio's Falguen Custom, which never appears in the anime, will be added into the game. The series also appear in Harobots , because as Sunrise's series, this series' units can be act as 'wild' units, or player's units.


Much confusion had surrounded the early release of this series even before it went on the air. The Japanese anime magazine Animec for example, still hailed the title under the working name "Stillevar", not "Dragonar", despite the fact that the mecha and character designs were already approved. Before the series went to air, there were fans in North America who believed this to be a Gundam

Character Designer: Kenichi Ohnuki

Designer: Kunio Okawara
Kunio Okawara

Dragonar first opening directed by: Masami Ōbari


* ^ Great Mechanics, issue 7, 「ガンダムをリニューアルする」


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