Khao poon (Lao: ເຂົ້າປຸ້ນ; also known as Lao laksa and sometimes spelled kapoon or khao pun) is a popular type of spicy Lao rice vermicelli soup that has spread to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, and the United States.

It is a long-simmered soup most often made with pounded chicken, fish, or pork and seasoned with common Lao ingredients such as fish sauce, lime leaves, galangal, garlic, shallots, Lao chillies, and perilla.

Various versions of khao poon exist: khao poon nam phik, also called khao poon nam kathee (with coconut milk), khao poon nam jaew (without coconut milk), khao poon nam par (with fish sauce).

Khao poon is typically made with rice vermicelli noodles ("sen khao poon"), but rice stick noodles can also be used. It is served with an assortment of shredded cabbage, carrots, and banana blossom along with bean sprouts, fresh mint, cilantro, lime, and dried red chillies.

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