The Info List - Kenraaliluutnantti

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Generalmajor Kenraalimajuri

is an officer's rank in Sweden
and Finland, immediately above Generalmajor and below General. In Sweden, the rank is translated as Lieutenant General. The Director, Joint Staff of Armed Forces Headquarters, the Director of Operations and the Director of Production hold this rank. Finnish Defence Forces
Finnish Defence Forces
rank of Kenraaliluutnantti
is comparable to Ranks of NATO armies officers as OF-8


1 Holders of the rank in Sweden 2 Finland 3 History and related ranks

3.1 Origin and the Middle ages

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Holders of the rank in Sweden[edit]

Head of operations Head of productions—responsible for the training of all troops Head of special forces Head of the military headquarters

Finland[edit] A kenraaliluutnantti is usually a commander of army or chief of staff of Finnish Defence Forces. History and related ranks[edit] Origin and the Middle ages[edit] A king/Queen were also a kapten and when he sent his löjtnant (löjtnant basically means on behalf of a person) to represent him in other provinces, the löjtnant was named general löjtnant to separate him from löjtnants of ordinary kaptens. See also[edit]

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