The Ichibuban (一分判) was a monetary unit of Japan.[1] The Ichibuban could be either made of silver or gold, in which case it was a quarter of a Koban.

The gold Ichibuban of 1714 (佐渡一分判金) had a weight of 4.5 g, with 85.6% of gold and 14.2% of silver. The silver Ichibuban from 1837 to 1854 (Tenpō Ichibugin, 天保一分銀, "Old Ichibuban") weighed 8.66 g, with an alloy of 0.21% gold and 98.86% silver.[2]

The Nibuban (二分判) was worth double the Ichibuban, and half a Koban and was also a rectangular coin.

Gold Ichibuban (一分判金)

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